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Slaves Shall Serve / Questions for or about the campaign...
« on: September 08, 2009, 09:02:59 PM »
Allright, this campaign looks very good. (I'm just a freak of Freespace. Can't help myself.:D)

This will be or should be the Thread for any questions about the campaign.

Let's start by asking some of my questions:

->What do you need? (Except Fredders etc.;))
->What's the storyline? (Give us some Sneak Peak etc.)
->Which systems are the most important ones for the campaign?
->When do YOU expect a Release of the Demo? (When you have done 5 missions or something like that...)

Well, that's all for the moment.:) I hope there are some useful questions.:)

Freespace Campaigns / Deadly Secrets
« on: August 10, 2009, 06:57:20 PM »
10 years after Capella. Ten years of rebuilding, planning and some smaller wars with Pirates. The bigger problems seem to be gone. But there are new problems. New bigger ones.

Quote from Atapeth: “Every Terran and any other enemy of holy Vasuda must be eliminated! If not, the people of Vasuda Prime and it’s empire won’t have a chance to have a future!”

Ten years after the destruction of the Capella star and it’s system. Atapeth, who’s family died in Capella, who’s strategical ambitions could be deadly, has build a rebellion which is destructive fo the whole world. Holy Vasuda rebuilded in a new, modern way! That is his dream! Atapeth use an old tradition, the brotherwar! “In a storm of blood and fire we will destroy and eliminate the enemys and everything they have, to get them out of the mind of those ones who remind them in history!” Atapeth, his speech at the beginning of the war.

The brotherwar. “Vasudan tradition in the name of holy Vasuda!”
The brotherwar will be declaired if two Vasudans have some problems with each other. Those problems doesn’t have to be serious. It could be a conflict between some neighbours or some citys…Or empires. Emperor Khonsu II. declaired a new rule, just a small time before the NTF-rebellion which banned the brotherwar. Now, after Khonsus death, the brotherwar is usefull again…”The brotherwar is a primitive tradition. Like an illness of the even brighter Vasudan race. We shoudn’t fight against each other, we should hold together…!” Emperor Khonsu II. after declairing the new rule for the GTVA. (Mostly for the Vasudans.;))

The Hammer of Light. “An ideological idea which costs so many lives…”
After the destruction of the Capella star, the Hammer of Light entered a new age. Much Vasudans remaimend or get remainend on the old Prophecys. They searched for the HoL and most of them found the Hammer of Light in the Barnard's star. They called an old station of Vasudan pirates their home. With the new growth of the HoL, the GTVA should be remained of it soon...

Atapeth's rebellion...
Atapeth was a young pilot as the Capella star exploded. He lost his family in this system and get crazy as he heard of the death of his family. He actually had a brother, a mother and a father. All of them died, as they tried to get out of the system. A Cain-class cruiser destroyed the transport.
Now, ten years after Capella, he tried to get as many Vasudans as he can for his rebellion. His rebellion will be operated in the system Barnard's star. Atapeth want to save the Vasudan race. To make that happen, he destroys or try to destroy everything, that could be dangerous to the holy Vasudan empire. This includes every Terran person, the HoL and the GTVA fleet. Everyone who stands against the Vasudan empire and holy Vasuda needs to be destroyed in a storm of fire and Blood.

Episode I is about:
The new war against the Hol, which ends with the beginning of the war against Atapeth.

Allright, here are the basic informations about the new mod/campaign. The Demo will release soon (hofely) and if you have any questions, comments feel free to ask them.

Allthough, I have to wait for hosting it here, you can use this thread, to tell us (and me) what do want etc.


P.S.: You'll get more informations soon.

Hosting Requests / Hostingrequest: Deadly Secrets
« on: August 05, 2009, 11:20:09 PM »
Title explains my question.

Ok, this is one of my biggest campaigns and it's more a Mod then a campaign.

The campaign plays 10 years after the destruction of the Capella star. The starsystem Barnard's star has never explored like the other systems of the GTVA. Only one outpost called Nonameyet is there, holding the line.
But there is more than the GTVA thought. Unidentified signals from the middle of the system are making unsure, if there is more than some pirates or something like that.

The brotherwar:
After the crazy admiral Atapeth decided to build a new rebellion, he declared to form an old tradition of the Vasudans new. The brotherwar. That war will cost more lives than the Great war. The Secrets of the GTVA will be deadly. Deadly secrets!


Freespace Campaigns / Question, answer and explaining
« on: July 28, 2009, 08:20:52 PM »
I've got some questions about FRED so, if you could help, that would be nice!:)

-> 1.: How can I make that a wing jumps out after, something has been destroyed. I tried but it won't work. :sigh:

-> 2.: If I download a ship and I want to paste the tables into the tables folder, but I have already a table for another ship, could I make a folder (in the tables folder) for one of those tables, should both ships work?

That's all for the moment. I will ask questions again. If someonelse need Fredhelp, he can post his question here.:)

Freespace Campaigns / Testmission for my campaign
« on: July 19, 2009, 10:47:27 AM »
Hi! At first, some of you may know me as Impossible Uncorrect from the HLP Board. So, I am now here for (I think) three days and didnít talk very much (Which means I didnít talk anyways).
So that it is usefull for you, that Iím here, I created the first mission for my campaign. (Not Deadly Secrets!;)) I want to make sure, that my Missiondesign is ok for you so I uploaded the Mission here. Please tell me how it could be improved. What could be better? What was good? So, I hope you think itís ok and you enjoy the mission!:)

Engage and Destroy! (Download)

BTW, Englisch is not my first language so, if there are any Grammar or word mistakes, feel free to tell them to me. Well, thanks for playing it.:)

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