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Freespace 2 MODing / Shivan mod...
« on: January 23, 2007, 06:20:16 PM »
It seems people might be interested? At least when I played online my first time this Saturday, someone mentioned being interested...

Well, it's not that hard, actually. I have a semi-finished version lying around since some time, it's about 12 MB; 3 MB without the FS1-music I added (but that would need some missions to be re-edited, I guess) . As for missions, I have changed the gauntlets and dogfights to allow flying as Shivan.
And it should even work with retail (and thus, Tom's build, too) ; though I haven't used retail for a long time (so if it doesn't work with it, I'll have to check why).

For full multi-implementation I'd need some help in testing the balancing however (no changes to campaign-related stats, just adding some balanced dogfight weapons for us Shivans)...
And if I upload it, I'd *hope* (of course, I can't demand) the multiplayer-community accepts it (unlike what I've heard of the MediaVPs...) , otherwise the multiplayer-implementation would be a bit pointless :( .

If there's interest and some place I could upload it to... :)
(and please overlook the dates in the readme - or else I fear I'll get hunted down by a mob of angry FS-fans and FREDers... :shaking:  ;) )

*activates cloaking device*
*cloaking device begins to fail*
 - "Nooo..."
*mob closes in*
"Heeelppp *argh*..."
...   [censored]

Freespace 2 MODing / a little something...
« on: January 23, 2007, 05:36:41 PM »
Well, time to break radio silence, I guess. Here's a bit of my work so far...:

"Nightwing" heavy stealth fighter
 - sadly, my only ship so far that I'd assume finished (more or less). You should be able to judge it's story-background based on its textures...

on the top viewed in Modelview, on the bottom in some SCP-build

"Inferno" Shivan beam bomber
 - wip since late 2002 *ouch* :( So no, I hadn't heard of the Inferno mod or the SB Vindhyachal when I started and named it.
It's a *little* something for us Shivans to toy around with... no unnerving Colossi anymore :devel: ;) .
As you might guess, its rear section isn't finished, as is the beam array :/ .

top - concept art; bottom - current state of progress

So far, then. I hope some of you like these :) .

Sadly, progress is very slow on my side... :( I also have some other models under developement, but these 2 are the furthest (and the Inferno is the one I'll currently try to work on if I get the time and motivation) .

FS2NetD / problems logging in...
« on: January 23, 2007, 03:42:07 PM »
Hi :) .
I finally got an account created, and logging in on the FSNet site does work.

But when I connect to FSNet via the game (with the same username and password I used on the FSNet-webpage) , it connects quite fine (I could even already play a few games there :biggrin1: ) ,
but it always says "login failed" - so I cant save stats or anything :( .

I have already tried something - it seems FS uses american keyboard settings for the multiplayer-login-fields. But this alone wasnt the problem, as I didnt get rid of the problem this way.

Could anybody please help on this issue?

Anyway, I'll be online now and then, stats saved or not :) .
I just seem to be in a community-unlike timezone (well, we here at the Shivan Hive of course have our own timezone :biggrin1: ) ...

Origins / Hello??
« on: June 13, 2006, 09:42:42 PM »
Anybody still here :) ? I really wouldn't want to see this Mod die... :(

Though, on a second thought... to be released AFTER Machina Terra?? That would then be something like what... after the second or third Big Crunch from now on?? :p :ha: - ;) ;) ;)
That'd surely explain how quiet it's in here... ;)

[edit: oops, need to watch my typing...]

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