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General Discussion / Starbuck's Lounge, OT *ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK*
« on: February 22, 2006, 08:44:39 PM »
After giving this idea couple days to evolve, Joona and I tought it could be good thing to have a thread where to discuss days events or something else that doesn't fit in to normal categories and isn't worth of new thread.

So here it is: Starbuck's Crew Lounge, place where fellow pilots, commanders, civilians and cylons can hang out and chitchat.

Free feel to post in this thread questions, feelings, jokes, etc. No illegal stuff, thought.

Barkeeper(moderators), can we get sticky, please?


EDIT: Please read forum rules, guys 'n' gals: "do not double post, you got something to add, edit your previous post"


Be nice! No picking up fights!
Don't mess around with moderators. If they say something, you'll obey
Think twice before posting; If you have doubts, don't post
If you're not sure what fellow forumer means, ask him/her before making your own judgements. That way we can avoid being missunderstood

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