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General Discussion / Protests again PETA
« on: August 14, 2009, 03:00:03 AM »

Some days The Onion really hit the nail right on the head. :lol:

General Discussion / Sony releases piece of S***
« on: February 15, 2009, 09:56:18 PM »
Well that's what news report says.


I heard a while back that one of the Onion's presenters actually got hired by a real TV channel. I suppose they figured that if they could through one of the their reports while looking like a proper news reader then they should have no trouble with the real thing.

General Discussion / Diaspora - A New FS2_Open Battlestar Galactica Game
« on: October 02, 2008, 10:49:16 AM »
About 4 months ago a large portion of the BtRL team left due to creative differences and went to form our own Battlestar Galactica mod.

Yesterday we decided we'd finally done enough to start showing some of our work off.

More screenshots on the website and our forums of course. :)

Tmp2 / Episode 4x02 Speculation Thread *Spoilers*
« on: April 05, 2008, 07:38:23 AM »
Feel free to discuss openly what you think about the 4x02 Trailer or what you think will happen in the episode. Insider information (Gleaned from TV guides, pictures in Sci-fi magazines, etc) may be posted in spoiler tags so watch out.

Any spoilers for 4x03 or above should be labelled as such.

Personally although I liked the cliffhanger I doubt that Starbuck is there to do anything other than talk.

Tmp2 / Will Wonders Never Cease?
« on: April 02, 2008, 06:51:35 PM »
Derek Smart says something complimentary about BtRL.

Then of course you have the awesome BSG mod made by modders with the FS2 engine. Now thats a game that would have rocked if it had commercial backing.

He then goes on to say that his engines craps on the SCP though.

In fact, if it wasn't for licensing issues (I don't want anyone suing me over commercial use of the BSG name, assets etc), I'd even give them my new engines which are obviously far more powerful and advanced.

So it's back to the same old Derek Smart then. :D

Here's the link. I won't bother publishing it in the external forums cause people will just eat him alive. :D

Tmp2 / Revised Spoiler Policy - READ BEFORE POSTING
« on: March 31, 2008, 09:19:42 PM »
With Season 4 about to start I figured a quick explanation of the spoiler policy would help everyone. It's been updated somewhat from the old one so it should be a little easier to follow.

1. The main rule which everything else stems from. Have some consideration for others. This is an international forum. Not everyone has seen everything yet. This isn't like the Sci-fi board where you really should be current before venturing on.

2. Anything from Razor or Season 1 to 3 is fair game. They're out on DVD and if you're a BSG fan on this forum you've either seen them or accepted the fact that you will probably be spoiled. You may post anything about any of the events of these episodes openly in any thread.
 That said try not to post spoilers in the actual thread titles as that allows people to risk a quick look at only the release thread and the tech help board in order to get the game.

3. When episode 4x01 airs all open discussion on it should be confined to the Episode 4x01 Discussion thread. If you must mention the events of that episode on any other thread (Other than the 4x02, etc threads of course) then you should use the  tags to hide it. You should also clearly label what it is a spoiler for eg.

Spoiler for 4x05
[spoiler]The spoiler itself[/spoiler]

4. When episode 4x01 airs a new 4x02 Speculation thread will be opened. You may bounce around any rumours you have heard about that particular episode or any speculations based on what you saw in the trailer in that thread. You can if you wish use the spoiler tags to hide any particularly reputable rumours you may know.
 We all know a badly made trailer can ruin an episode so some of us don't watch them. Do not post open spoilers based on a trailer for 4x02 in the 4x01 thread.

5. When ep 4x02 airs the speculation thread will be renamed to the Discussion thread and you may now post openly about any aspect of that episode. A 4x03 Speculation thread will be opened for stuff about that episode.

This system worked well last time around and allowed members of the mod team who were from countries which hadn't aired the episodes to visit the forums and continue working on the mod without risking some halfwit spoiling an episode they hadn't seen yet.

For this reason people who post open spoilers will be dealt with harshly.

Tmp2 / Want to join the team MK IV
« on: March 18, 2008, 06:26:16 PM »
It's about time we overhauled the old one and mentioned the priority with which we need people.

So here's the altered text from the old one. Have I missed anything?

If you have a useful skill I don't mention on here feel free to mention it. We can only say no :) So if you fit the description of something we need post here and tell us and the person in charge of that particular area of the mod will get back to you. Don't PM me unless I ask you to. I'm not in charge of everything and proving you can't read and follow simple instructions is not the best way to look like you're suitable material for the team.

If you have them to hand, post examples of your work. That always gives us a better idea of what you can do.

We need badly

Coders - BtRL is based on the FS2_Open engine which is under constant development but the Source Code Project team. As an open source project that means it's very easy for any passing coder to get hold of our source and give us a hand.
 We need general coders for a variety of tasks but are especially desperate for sound coders (especially those already proficient with OpenAL) and people good with AI or Graphics coding skill (OpenGL as Direct X has proved to be such a dead end in the past that I'm not wasting my time with it unless someone says that not only are they going to fix it but also stick around for the next couple of years to keep fixing bugs).
 If you just want to stick your toe in the water first you can find details on how to check the code out of SVN here (The guide only covers TortoiseSVN but SVN is simple enough that you should be able to figure out what to do using whichever client you use from that guide).

Wouldn't mind a guru or two

These positions are jobs that we already have covered but which could be speeded up if someone highly skilled wants to apply.  

Modelers - Although we have quite a few very talented 3D modelers on the team the more we have, the faster we can get everything done. We need people who can model and then UV and texture as otherwise we quickly end up with a backlog of untextured models. A willingness to learn how to use PCS II (our model conversion software) to get the model working in game is a definite plus as it's not particularly hard to use and would really speed things up. Post pictures of previous work.

FREDders - We can always use talented FREDders to build missions for us. We don't need people who have only built a mission or two though. We need people with a long history of building missions (Preferably in FS2 or one of the other FS2_Open engine games that has released  capships). If you feel you fit this description I'll probably know who you are already so just say you're interested. A link to  a released campaign or missions will help if you aren't on a prominent campaign already.

3D Animators - If you're already an expert in making 3D Animations we might be able to use you to make cutscenes and stills for use in the mod. Feel free to post and link to examples of your work. Especially if you've got Galactica themed stuff for us to see.
Assistant Audio Engineer -- We could definitely use someone with proven experience in sound design and/or foley, editing, batch processing, who possesses a good ear and healthy collaborative skills. No professional experience necessary but a willingness to work with the rest of the team is important. We got a lot of praise for the voice acting work in the demo and we'd like to keep that high standard up in the full release.

What we don't need

We don't need anyone at the moment whose sole skills to offer are the following. Either we don't need anyone to do this at all or we already have enough people able to do this.

Scriptwriters - We already have a script planned. Feel free to plan out a script though. Although the team won't make it if you do a good enough job it's possible you can make your own team to FRED it once the mod is released.

Beta-Testers - We're doing our beta-testing internally amongst the team. If we ever want to do an open beta we'll post a thread.

Voice Actors - If we need voice actors we'll reopen the voice acting auditions again. If you did apply earlier don't take this post to mean you didn't get picked :)

BSG Experts - We're all big fans of the show too. If we ever have a question none of us know the answer to we'll probably ask on IRC or post a thread on the forum.

Music Composers - We don't require any more composers at the moment.

People who'll leak our work - Had that already and it's the reason why the rest of you are having to jump through hoops before we give you access to everything. We hate having to do this as we'd love to go back to the days when all you had to do was display an interest in the mod to join us but experience has shown us that there is a small percentage of people who would ruin it for the rest of you if we did that.


If you have a skill that you think might be useful to us that isn't on the list feel free to tell us about it. It might be that you've thought of something we need.

How you can help if you don't have any of those skills

We often get posts saying "I'd love to help but I don't have the skills you need" well actually you still can. There are other ways you can help. It won't get you on the team but we do need people to spread the word about our mod (without making a pest of themselves of course) so that we can get people who do have the other skills we need. Tell your friends. Get them into playing FS2_Open as well. Hang around on the forum and boost our morale by showing just how much you like this mod and why it's worth spending our nights at home instead of out drinking to finish it. :)

Playing online helps. Right now the fact that not many people play online is having an effect on development as new multiplayer code can't be tested easily. Yeah we know that you sometimes can't find a server but if you set a date for a game people will eventually get into a routine so it just takes a little perseverance to get things going. You're also more likely to get more 3rd party multiplayer missions if people are playing. Get over to BSG Pilots and get online.

Although the team aren't taking donations directly for money (We will take pizza and/or firstborn young however) MatthewPapa does need donations to keep this website running. Since Game-Warden is responsible for the multiplayer tracker keeping this place up is important to both the FS2 and BtRL communities. You can donate to Game-Warden (and see what else that gets you) here.

Tmp2 / Stage6 Closing
« on: February 26, 2008, 07:40:44 PM »

So are we planning to move all the vids back on site again?

Tmp2 / For those not in the UK
« on: February 16, 2008, 08:16:22 PM »
The mention of BtRL is small but the rest is pretty funny. I wonder if the Number 2 comment is just about them being crap or if it is a subtle reference to us being number 1 though. :)

Tmp2 / Requirements for placeholder models
« on: January 30, 2008, 05:53:29 PM »
Omni asked me to post this information. I'll let the other FREDders tell me if I've forgotten anything but for me what is required in a placeholder model is actually quite minimal. The problem is that what we do need is the stuff that's usually added at the end of the poffing stage.

1) The model, textures and UV matter little - I don't care if a placeholder is 200 polys with a pink checkerboard pattern on it. As long as the other stuff is observed there won't be any difference in the way the AI treats it. The only time that any of this becomes even a minor issue is if we have AI ships that are too dark for the player to spot easily as the mission might suddenly become difficult when the real model is added. This is easily fixed by simply using a dark texture in the first place though.

2) As long as the model is roughly the right shape it's likely to be a good enough approximation. LOD3 of many of our models are actually more detailed than I'd need in a placeholder. I could make a good placeholder for the sixpack out of 6 cylinders and a few cuboids for instance. As long as the model isn't fly-through the fact that it's a very rough approximation of the shape won't matter in the slightest.

3) All placeholders must be balanced as close to the final version as possible. Changing table settings halfway through the design process is not good at all for mission design. Changing hitpoints, speeds or damage levels for weapons can have a drastic knock on effect requiring major changes to the mission to fix. This is probably the biggest barrier to the mission design team starting work on missions immediately. We'll need roughly balanced models that we can test, get them well balanced and then start making the missions.

4) Subsystems are important. I can't make a mission involving disabling a subsystem unless the placeholder has that subsystem and a path associated with it. This includes docking bay and dockpoint paths too.

5) Any placeholder model must have the right number of turrets in roughly the the right places. - It can get very hard to balance a mission if a ship lacks the weapons it will have later on the in the mission. Minor changes in the placement can sometimes change the effectiveness of the weapon. This isn't a problem with the Galactica or Pegasus as it's canon where their weapons are but for our own designs I'd rather not see cannons moved about too much.

Tmp2 / Patch 2 - What's left?
« on: December 27, 2007, 08:29:13 PM »
The code for the new alt name as callsign stuff is already in the code I gave Taylor and is obviously already compiled into the Windows builds.

So I need Axem's updates for SP-01 and that's it as far as I know. Is there anything else we need?

Turey, how are we for builds? Do you have the Linux and Mac OS X builds?

Tmp2 / BtRL Academy Plot Line
« on: November 07, 2007, 06:04:28 PM »
Took me a while but here's the rough outline for the BtRL Academy campaign. Some of it is my work and some is based upon an outline drawn up TheLegacy

Campaign Summary
 Following their escape from New Caprica the RTF are having resourcing problems again. ores were transported to the surface as part of the settling of the planet. Much of this was lost during the hurried evacuation.

The campaign revolves around the Galactica’s newly reformed fighter wing, now reinforced with the Vipers from both ships. The job is to protect the mining ships, as they do the laborious task of mining asteroids for valuable ores.

Mission 1
Plot : After being deployed outside of the asteroid belt, the Majahual sets course for it, escorted by Viper MKVII’s. Shortly after the player starts the mission, the Majahual suffers an engine malfunction.

A single raider then jumps in, then out of the combat zone. Then it does this again two more times until the fourth arrival, where he flies at the Majahual, firing a nuke. Upon the nuke and fighter’s destruction, a force of varying strength will arrive to attack the Majahual, while the Majahual does quick repairs to reset its systems, to escape. The mission ends once the Majahual escapes, and the attacking force is destroyed.

The quicker the scout is taken out the less enemies the player will have to face in total.

The mission ends when the player has managed to take out enough Cylons that they stop sending more. The Majahual is forced to FTL back to the fleet to repair its engine though.

Notes : This mission basically sets the scene for the rest of the campaign and allows the player to get used to the characters of his wingmen. It also sets up a lot of the persistent variables that will be used in the later missions.

During the banter for this mission or the following one someone asks if anyone has seen Jammer recently.  

Additional Resources needed : None
Additional Resources desired : Might be nice to have a different asteroid rather than reusing the scaroid and its skybox. A different texture for astlayer wouldn't be complained at either.

Mission 2a / 2b
Plot : This mission starts off much like the last. The idea is to guide one of the miners down to the asteroid again (which one is dependant on the state of the Majahual in the last mission. If it was heavily damaged the miner in question will be the Monarch. Otherwise it will be the Majahual.)

The idea is to use the ship in question as a decoy and lure the Cylons in. Once the Cylons have taken the bait the other miner will jump in on another vector and attempt to reach the rock.

If either miner takes too much damage it will jump out causing the mission to fail so the player must be vigilant.

The mission will continue until the player is down to one or two enemy raiders at which point the Monarch will suddenly and without warning jump out. Galactica will inform the player that it hasn't returned to the fleet.

Additional Resources needed : None

Mission 3
Plot : The mystery of the Monarch's disappearance deepens when Galactica picks up a surrender message aimed at the Cylons coming from an area of space away from the fleet.

The player's wing, already on patrol are sent to investigate (use of the autopilot code here) and discover the Monarch is scene of a hostage situation. One of the Monarch's crew found herself nearly shoved out of an airlock for collaborating with the Cylons on New Caprica during the previous Cylon attack. Able to beat her attacker she has managed to take over the bridge of the ship and is holding the crew at gunpoint.

The surrender is an attempt to rejoin the Cylons. However the Cylons themselves soon show up and are more interested in destroying the miner than accepting a surrender. The Monarch takes damage but then jumps out leaving the player facing a superior Cylon force with no backup.

Notes : Despite the preamble this is a straight up survival mission. The Monarch always jumps away. The only way to lose is to get killed. I figured I didn't want YET another escort mission.

Mission 4
Roslin has declared an amnesty for collaborators and the sympathiser on the Monarch has surrendered. However the Monarch basically made a blind jump to escape the Cylons and now has no idea where it is.

Galactica manages to get a faint message from the Monarch stating that it is inside a nebula. The player must fly a search pattern with his wingmen in order to find the Monarch. The search is made more complicated by the fact that Cylon Raiders are also in the nebula looking for the Monarch.

The Monarch will send periodic messages that will help the player judge the distance to it. The messages are garbled at long range but get clearer as the player flies closer to the source.

Once the player reaches the Monarch (whose position is randomised each mission) the Monarch can get enough of it's bearings to jump out.

Notes : If need be we can give the player the ability to tell where he is with a keypress which will report his position back. If the mission is too easy we can always make this an EMP nebula but I'd prefer to avoid that.

Additional Resources needed : Well we're going to need the nebula poofs obviously for this one. (unless the game already has them).

One thing I've been trying to work in was having one of the player's wingmen also be a collaborator. Only problem is that I can't think of anything for them to do that isn't completely suicidal :D

Anyway comments are welcome.

Tmp2 / Adding several new FREDders
« on: September 27, 2007, 10:10:48 PM »
As some of you will know I've been kicking about an idea to possibly get us a few new FREDders by using a variation on my old FRED Academy idea. I figured it was best to get it down in the forum before actually kicking off just in case anyone had any ideas on how to improve things. Things would work like this.

1) We get a plot line for a 4+ mission campaign drawn up. The campaign shouldn't use anything except ships available in the demo (or demo + 1 or 2 ships of minor importance which we don't mind releasing in the 2nd patch, e.g flattop or sixpack).

2) We invite 3 or 4 of the most promising and most eager 3rd party newbie FREDders to work on the campaign for us. The team will be there to advise and hopefully playtest but aren't required to do anything more than that.

3) Once complete we release the campaign not as an official campaign but as a 3rd party one, thus avoiding problems if anyone thinks it's not of the same quality as the demo. This also absolves us of the need to get it voice acted ourselves.

Unlike the original FRED Academy the missions will be pretty difficult to FRED. Nothing as hard as the stuff in the demo but nothing a middle of the road FREDder wouldn't be proud of. It should make some use of cutscene SEXPs, persistent variables, argument SEXPs and quite a few others of the above basic FREDing level techniques. I'll tell the FREDders before they sign up what's expected of them.

Best case scenario, at the end of the project all of the recruits have improved sufficiently that we can hire them for the team. Worst case scenario, we've got another 3rd party campaign for people to play with virtually no effort from us.

I've already asked Dukeman if he minds working with me on a storyline. As for the new recruits I'm already inclined to hire TheLegacy and if anyone was impressed by any of the other 3rd party missions feel free to shout out some names. Otherwise I'll just try them all. :D

Tmp2 / Adding a new FREDder
« on: September 04, 2007, 09:58:10 AM »
After releasing his mod Shiv has been requesting to join the team.

I'm finding it a little hard to evaluate his request as the missions in Archangel are fairly simple (although no one has complained about the gameplay).

He tells me that he's got a better understanding of FRED than is apparent from that campaign and he's already on several other modding teams (TVWP, Inferno Alliance and Lost Souls) so it's not like he's a security risk.

At worst he's a middle of the road FREDder but he says he knows how to use persistent variables and some of the more advanced stuff. His own mod (Apocalypse III) does look pretty good too even if he's just nicking ships from other mods.

Anyone got any thoughts, comments or objections? Especially from anyone who is on the same mod team as him and has seen his more advanced missions.

FS2NetD / Get online this weekend.
« on: July 19, 2007, 10:48:56 PM »

Not just for BtRL fans. I will be helping FS2 players too.

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