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Tmp2 / Game On
« on: November 10, 2008, 02:58:08 AM »
Just started a game 03:00gmt with the new multiplayer build 2081109 from Taylor at HL in recent builds. here
Will hang about for a little and see if anyone pops in.

EDIT, Is now off, waited 90 minutes...oh well, maybe next time, server will stay up for a bit longer if anyone wants to host.

Tmp2 / BTRL standalone server with 3.6.10 - question
« on: October 24, 2008, 08:52:42 AM »
Hi all.
So ive managed to get a BtRl standalone running with the latest 3.6.10 nightly builds and can be viewed in the FST2NET viewer in test servers but i have a question.
Is there a way of creating a map rotation, respawns, max pilots and other server settings in a config file?
I see the multi config file but i cant find anything on the forums on how or if i can do this.
The reason i ask is because i can only run a game by connecting on a different pc and starting from there but is changes the server name and also i have to play.

Also can someone tell me what the /multidata switches do on the left above PXO and on the right under transfer missions?

If i dont have /multidata above PXO set on my server doesnt appear in the FS2NET list.

Thanks in advance.

Transcend / Missing ship and gate textures in fresh install
« on: October 19, 2008, 09:47:21 PM »
I just installed fs2 open over a new install of fs2 and the transcend mod was intalled too.
Transcend started up fine went through the briefing and all that but when i entered the game the friendly and enemy shps had no textures apart from the cockpit.
Also the gate (wolf 1 i think it was) was just wireframe.
I tried running the fs2open installer again but it didnt D/L anything new.
Is it something known or have i done something wrong?
I use 3.6.10 builds as the 3.6.9 doesnt work for me.

Tmp2 / Is BtRL actually dead? (Nope. -Omni)
« on: October 19, 2008, 02:26:24 AM »
I've read alot of the posts here and i dont see any new content as of late and after reading some other forums (HL) and stories about the new Diaspora BSG Mod i have to ask...Is BtRL dead?
I got into BtRL pretty late in the game, but is this true?

Tmp2 / Graphics stuttering, but mostly good stuff :)
« on: April 11, 2008, 01:35:48 PM »
Hi there \o

I recently discovered BTRL and I must say it looks fantastic.

Since I started playing space combat sims a while back like Wing Commander and Starlancer trying to find one that has the same feel as those has been hard to do, so I generally keep going back to those 2 in paticular (mainly Starlancer).

EVE has been my game of choice for over a year now so I decided to see if there were any new space flight combat sims about.

Lo and behold! BSG!! How excited was I to find out about BTRL!!??

D/L, installed, patched, updated....problem.

First time I started the game, the look and feel and sound were perfect but the graphics were jumping every few seconds, so I scanned these forums and tried playing with the sound settings. With all sounds disabled it was fine with either just sounds, or music and sounds the graphics stuttered.

At the time it didnt seem to work properly so, I left it for a few days till today and I found when i tried it again it worked fine, at first.

After about 10 minutes into the mission where you have to protect the mining ship in the roid belt then find green 2. The graphics started stuttering again making it virtually impossible to track any enemy in the reticule.

I did a computer search for the old OpenAL drivers to check i wasnt using the V1.0 ones, but i went off to the OpenAL site and downloaded the sound drivers direct from the site again just to make certain.

When running the game again it was fine at first then a knock on the door so I paused it, came back (no more than 2 minutes) un-paused and it was stuttering instantly so I restarted and it was fine.

As of this moment its running ok and I still have no idea why it stutters randomly whilst playing, if it does it again I will update this post and maybe do a bug report.

Grats on a great game, it captures the feel of the series and all the space combat sims that have come before it. :yes:

Heres looking forward to a full release. (Any ideas when?)

Gigabyte K8N51PVM9-RH (skt 939) GeForce 6150B NB, nForce 430 SB
AMD Athlon 64x2 4800+
Corsair 3200XL pro DDR
Nvidia 7600GT (169.21 Drivers)
Realtek ALC880 OnBoard Sound (R1.90 Drivers)
Win XP Pro 64Bit

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