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58th Viper Air wing: The White Knights / Game?
« on: September 16, 2010, 09:29:25 AM »
Hello. Anyone of you still playing?

Tmp2 / how many thrusters does a viper have and where
« on: January 15, 2008, 07:52:50 PM »
how many thrusters does a viper have and where exactly are they placed?

they do seem to have a lot of them as seen on screen, and the existence of some others not seen can be inferred by the maneuverability of the vipers. so... i suppose there are six or eight on the fuselage nose, probably some more placed around the main engines, that about right?

does anyone know more details about that and feels geeky enough to enlighten me? or was that already answered in a thread somewhere or on some wiki? :confused1

thanks for any helpful answer. :blah:

58th Viper Air wing: The White Knights / =)
« on: October 09, 2007, 03:22:18 PM »
oh yeah. :biggrin1:

carry on.

58th Viper Air wing: The White Knights / Your Graphics Cards?
« on: September 27, 2007, 04:15:39 PM »
I've been putting this off way too long already - I plan to order a new graphics card next week. Yes, this is one of these threads..., before I ask the question I started this topic for, I'm going to explain my (graphics) needs in detail: the card will not be for my gaming PC. I'm going to toss that one out to Ebay or something, it's just too old and noisy. No, the new card will go in my music workstation. Which does have implications, as you might have guessed: the requirements are different. There are some things I consider a "must-have": first, it's got to be cooled passively. Also it's got to have two DVI-I ports. And it must not draw much power, in my eyes 40 - 50 watts are some sort of upper limit. PCIe of course, should you be wondering about that. That said, however, I still want to be able to play BTRL. And maybe one or two games with a bit more sophisticated needs than good old Freespace2, but that's clearly not the main purpose of this machine, as I said.

So... my question is, and I'm asking every mutherfrakking last one of you... :biggrin1:  what graphics cards do you have (please name your other system components as well) and how good are they for BTRL (and other games you play)? I do have some cards in mind, or rather some GPUs, but I'd be delighted to hear from you about your experiences before I actually go and spend money on one.

The machine itself sports a core 2 duo (2.4 GHz) and 2 GB RAM. I'm very probably going to upgrade it with a quad core processor and more memory in a not so distant future. Its current graphics adapter is my treasured old friend, the Matrox G400DH - manufacture date some time last millenium. I've got to let it go now.

Tmp2 / ping times
« on: June 17, 2007, 01:01:22 AM »
hey... i searched but didn't find anything, so forgive me this somewhat newbish question, but... are the ping times also influenced be the cpu load of the server? i might upgrade my gaming pc if that's the case. i currently have a p4 with 2.4 ghz for btrl, and usually rather good pings for all, but some odd ping spikes.

58th Viper Air wing: The White Knights / HowTo: Teamspeak
« on: April 30, 2007, 05:27:16 PM »
go to and click on downloads, download the "TeamSpeak 2 Client" for your operating system and run the installer - then you start the client, click on "Connection" -> "Connect" -> in the opened dialog you right-click on "Servers", select "Add Server" and fill in the following information:

Server Address:
Nickname: YourNickname

below that, select "anonymous" at first (but as soon as i spot you, you'll be granted rights to register yourself with the server, during which you can choose a login name and password. you will have to reconnect with the new login to show up as registered).

after having added that server to your client, you can simply click on "connect" or double-click on the server entry.

58th Viper Air wing: The White Knights / 2nd training sortie
« on: April 30, 2007, 03:20:11 AM »
alright, next training session... say, wednesday, 1600 EST? let's meet in teamspeak ( and organize it a bit better than the last time :biggrin1:

we should have two people hosting so we can put 2x 2 squads against each other. i'll be hosting one of the games, seems like people have good pings when i'm hosting.

try to have your squadrons show up in full numbers.


we seem to agree on 1700 EST5EDT respectively 2200 BST.

Tmp2 / joystick & linux: thrusters on hat?
« on: April 07, 2007, 09:25:42 PM »
i'd like to assign lateral and vertical thrusters to the hat of my joystick (thrustmaster top gun fox 2 pro), but the game config menu won't let me - the hat is recognized as axis 4 and 5 (rX and rY), not as 4 buttons (which i'd need for left thrusters, right, up and down).

i tried setting the SDL_LINUX_JOYSTICK environment variable to "'' 4 1 0" (stick: 3 axis + throttle: 1 axis, 1 hat, no wheel), but that didn't turn out so well (fs2 would recognize only the stick's buttons, no axis or hat).

so, as i understand it i either have to change the code of my joystick's driver (alas, i don't speak C/C++) - or the game config menu could offer a "use axis as buttons" option for the hat. would the latter be feasible?

58th Viper Air wing: The White Knights / flight training
« on: April 06, 2007, 06:07:33 PM »

i wonder what you do with the massive influx of newbies that look for a squadron to join. do you tell them "sorry, no place" - or do you have a training wing or something?

i played fs2 / btrl for the first time yesterday. and it is my first flightsim. nonetheless i already love this game. some years back i was quite a good shot in moh:aa & cs:s - i'd train to become at least as good in btrl :)

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