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General Discussion / Happy birthday mp
« on: October 10, 2009, 11:59:14 AM »
Happy birthday matthewpapa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Freespace Campaigns / Release: Casualties Of War 2
« on: November 04, 2006, 12:48:41 AM »
It's finally finished.  In the downloads section of the site you will find 2 not.

Have fun.


General Discussion / Just Sharing
« on: July 19, 2006, 11:03:50 PM »
Hey all.

Sunday was my birthday, and as most of you don't know....i passed the milestone of midlife....40.  For my birthday, my lady and daughters put together a photoshow of the past year, here it is.  it is in rar format, and when you get it open, find the file called "index", and double click it.  then when it opens show.


In the video you'll mostly see me and the girls, one shot of my lady, and photos from my dad's 80th b day party.  Dad, Mom, and my brother and sister are in them, along with my grandmother.


General Discussion / Return
« on: April 16, 2006, 03:26:36 PM »
wow, alot's happened in my prolonged absence.

Let's say that when things went awry, they kept me out of the loop on a great many things.  But things are better.  I'm in florida, working hard, and now less hours for more money.  I went and got engaged, so things are looking good all the way around.  With all things going the way they are, I am in a position to return to active duty.

Just wanted to say hi, and it's good to be back.

Origins / Mission 14 screen
« on: July 28, 2005, 06:04:30 AM »
ok since Missions 12 and 13 require some things that are not done is a shot from 14.

Origins / Hiring
« on: July 28, 2005, 04:25:29 AM »
been awhile.

Orirings has a new need.  We currently need someone to design the star systems themselves that are being added to the current node map.  Duties would include a visual representation of the system showing natural attributes (ie star, planets, type of each etc....comnets...asteroid belts....etc) and any unnatural attributes (knossos, comm stations, installations).  If interested simply reply in this thread.

General Discussion / Water in the heart
« on: May 28, 2005, 09:51:41 PM »
ok, most of you know that i was taken out of commission due to an eye accident. I am fully recovered, and fs2 is only as blurry as it ever was to me...which is to say that it rocks. i have been gone much longer than my recovery time was.

during the recovery, my fiance, you guys know her as Sapphire here at HLP came ill. They've found water in her heart, and fluid in her lungs brought on by rheumatic fever. She may require surgery on her valve, and she may not recover. If she recovers it wil be months before she does, and if she doesn't...we'll lose her.

I know that most people here aren't religeous at all, but for those who are, if you could pray, for those who aren't...if you could do whatever yuou do when someone is in your thoughts, i would um...greatly apreciate it.

This is very scary to me personally, i don't want to lose her.

If you want to send her a card, i'll give you her email.

Thanks guys.

General Discussion / Sorry Guys
« on: April 15, 2005, 03:42:00 AM »
I don't feel like posting this in each mod that i am involved with, so here it is. today at work there was an unfortunate mishap. An electric stove that i was testing cut loose. one of the burners exploded, my face was directly above it. I got shrapnel from the fully heated burner in my eyes, but luckily i had closed them before the heated gases that would have blinded me hit. Reading this while i write it is quite painful, even with the pain pills and the dark shades on. So i apologize for the fact that i will be out of commission for the most for a yet undetermined amount of time.

The eyes will heal, but the doc says that my right eye looks like it was hit with a shotgun blast, there are a ton of abrasions and burns to the cornea, and a bad one on my left eye, with some more of the smaller ones.

The only thing that i can do before i go out of commission totally is to upload the voices for TBP. I'll get that done in the morning, but right now the drugs have kicked in, and i am going to be heading for bed soon.

General Discussion / A day in Egypt
« on: April 08, 2005, 03:22:19 AM »
ok guys, this is a strange request......

As some of you know, and most don't, i am involved in a medeival recreation group.  We study history, and step into it for the weekend.  Anyway, some times we get into fighting and competing (every facet of what we do is a competition), that we forget the study and learning.  So, last night and today i have been in meetings and have gotten the go ahead from our financial committee to run "A Day in Egypt".  

The entire weekend will have an Egyptian theme.  I am looking for ideas for games played in ancient Egypt, things that i can do to enhance the atmosphere, any courses that can be taught with little or no equipment, etc etc etc.

The event will still be centered around fighting, and we have a tournament set up involving riddles from the Sphynx.  For light fighters (more a fencing style than actual heavy combat) we have the hunt for the book of the dead.  Arts and science, Bardic (song and story).  basically anything you guys can come up with i may be able to use, and i could certainly use the help in this.


Origins / missions 10 and 11 screenies.
« on: March 30, 2005, 02:17:21 AM »
just to show you this.

General Freespace / On Mission Design
« on: March 20, 2005, 05:01:01 AM »
For you guys out there who fred, what are your thoughts/advice/questions for mission building?

General Discussion / Post your Ride
« on: March 17, 2005, 03:49:55 AM »
Gran Sport.

She has a sleek little 401 nailhead pushing 445 footpounds of tork...of course that was before the big drop happened...that would be an Olds Rocket 455 powerplant, complete with twin holley 435's atop a low rise edelbrock.  hooker headers through thrush turbo mufflers...oh yeah...regular gasoline only...none of that unleaded crap.  I keep thinking that she needs a magna charger....a blower that with 227 degree seal timing (as oposed to Jimmy's 180 on a 6-71) and fits under the hood of a stock L-88 hood

General Discussion / Mercenary....Fan fic
« on: March 12, 2005, 07:01:20 AM »
Sorry for the multiple posts, but we decided that it would be best if i were to put a couple chapters in each post and not all 14 chapters into 1 just makes reading it easier.

My next post will answer some of the "what the hell is happening" questions.


He watched as the LIR Azrael kicked up onto it’s port wing and went high, expecting to pull a loop at about a 45 degree angle and come back in with guns blazing.  In return, Philip O’Shea, Commander, 2nd Flight, Red Squadron, 1st Wing of the Iron Horde saw the maneuver and quickly pulled out of the split S and practically turned his TEC Paladin on it’s Low Port Ventral Canard.  His guns were now squarely on the Azrael as she was at the Apex of her turn.  He shifted his guns to dual fire and increased all shields to the front.  Once his fingers were finished flying over the controls, he fingered the trigger.  Six bursts fired from his Velfire HL-56, and he watched with grim satisfaction as the shields buckled on the Azrael.  They were weakened.  Then the Azrael pulled something he wasn’t expecting it flew directly toward him, all guns blazing.  He quickly pushed his stick to its forward stops and dropped the nose as the Azrael shot overhead, then pulled up again to reacquire his target.

“Sorry kid, not today,” his comm crackled in his ear.  The next thing he heard was the warning warble of an enemy missile lock.  Frantically he looked behind him, and found the faster and more agile Azrael on his tail, then the world outside his view screen went purple as his shields were splattered with multiple bursts of coherent light.  He was already shifting his shields aft and hitting his afterburners when the friendly female voice of his computer chimed in.   “Missile inbound, mark 180, at 8 angels, type Trident.  Evade.”

The Azrael was directly behind him at a distance of 800 meters and had fired a Trident at him.  His thumb began popping countermeasures out behind him as the missile closed, then he pulled back on the stick as hard as he possibly could.  Six beams of varying megajoule intensity lanced into his shields, and breaking through found purchase against the hull of his fighter.  The Paladin went into a roll and began scissoring as more of the deadly beams punched holes in his armor.  As he watched his HUD count down the distance between him and his enemy, he pulled his throttle completely back and swung the ship around, then lit off again with his afterburners.  His burners hadn’t had time to fully recharge, but right now he needed acceleration more than top speed.

Then it was over.  The Azrael again opened up with her primaries, and stitching her shots along the top of the craft, walked them right through his cockpit.  The system failure warnings hadn’t even had time to sound.

His HUD was replaced by two simple words.  “You’re dead.”

His comm again cracked to life.  “Get to debrief.”  His only reply was a dejected “Yessir.”  Damn it all to hell anyway, how does the old man do that crap? He must have the Simulator rigged.  Directive: The old man always wins.  There is no way that he could have done that, no way in hell.

“And what you should have done when you lost site of me was to turn away from my last known heading.  I was going to have to loop around to get you in my sights, and the better course of action would have been to fly at me along my trajectory, but entering the loop from my exit point.  Instead you tried to turn and pursue, and you got iced for your troubles.”  The old man was even more unhappy than usual.  “You know all of this, so just what the hell were you thinking about in there?  You are a member of the Iron Horde, we have to buy our craft, this isn’t a regular unit, we cannot afford to be losing fighters because a pilot had his mind elsewhere.  You wanted to be a mercenary; well then by god you’d better fly like one.  You want to be a member of this team?  Well then you’d better start forgetting what you know about flying, and start relearning it the right way.  We have never” he slammed his fist on the desk for emphasis here, “Never, lost an engagement, and we will not start now.  We do not tolerate showboating or going by your gut instinct.  You will either learn to fly with your head or you will find another outfit, am I clear?”  

There could be only one reply when he was like this.  “Loud and clear sir.”  

The worst part was, he knew this.  He knew everything that Colonel MacAullay was saying. It was true, every damned word of it.  How could he have gotten so sloppy?  How could he not be flying the way he used to?  His worst fear was one that he was beginning to face, he had simply lost his edge.

“Commander?  Until we figure out what’s happening with you, I am afraid that I have no choice but to pull you off of active flight status.”  The Colonel actually looked sorry about this. Then he lowered his voice, and his command guard.  “I’m sorry Philip.  I need to know what’s going on with you, and until we know what it is, I can’t risk sending you up, not anymore.  This is a combat zone.  What’s going on with you son?”

“Permission to speak freely sir.”

“Speak.” The colonel replied as he took his chair behind his desk.  “And sit down.”

It was then that Philip noticed the worry in his commanding officer’s eyes.  The colonel may be a real pain at times, but no one could ever say that he didn’t care about his people.  His People were more to him than pilots and techs and admin personnel, they were real people with real problems, and their problems were his problems. At least as far as he was concerned.
“Sir,” Philip began, while maintaining his parade rest stance, “I’m holding on too tight, I’ve lost the edge.  I don’t know if I can get it back.”  As he said this he felt the lump rising in his throat, and the water coming into his eyes.  He knew that he had just told his C.O. that he might never be able to fly again.  He reached up to pull his wings off of his flight suit.

“No.”  Was the only word spoken for a long time as his shaking hand hung near his wings. “No you will not remove your wings.  You are not quitting.  
We’ve had this problem with others, we’ll work you through it. Get some rack time. I want 4 hours a day simulated combat from you, 3 against the computer, one against live targets.  I’ll assign the personnel I feel best suited to this. Dismissed.”

“Thank you Sir.” Was all that Philip could muster, anything more may have broken him, with that said he did an abrupt about face and left the room.  

For a long moment Colonel MacAullay sat in silence.  contemplating the future of Philip O’Shea.  “Mike?”

The anteroom door opened and Mike “Maddog” Geisendorff entered.  “Lost his edge my ass, his reactions are 8% higher than his average time.  The kid should be on fire in there.  He should have been eatin’ your lunch and embarrassing you.”

At times like this, it was good to have an X.O. who actually understood things.  “So what’s your recommendation?”

“Actually,” Lt. Colonel Geisendorff began, “I think you pretty much nailed it on the head.  He may not have lost his edge, but the fact is that he has a confidence problem.  He seems to be up there trying to protect himself more, and trying to kill the enemy less.  He isn’t taking the high-risk moves that you invented, nor the ones that he invented.  There’s something goin on, and he’s trying to protect himself.  Treat this one as an edge loss.”

For a long time the two Colonels sat in silence, drawing comfort from the fact that at least the other one was working on the same problem.  Then MacAullay spoke up.  “If we were going into combat, would you want him with you?”

Mike thought for a moment then sadly shook his head. “No.  Jim? You know he might not come back, right?”

“Yeah, but as long he isn’t giving up, and will still listen when we tell him not to, we can’t give up either.”


“Sir, at 04:28 hours, standard time, we lost all contact with our ambassador in the Vasudan Commonwealth.  He was touring their outer systems.  Last known whereabouts…..Antlia system.  We also have unconfirmed reports that the LIR has lost all communication with the Entire Tania Borealis Duchy.  No communication from any systems within that duchy.”  

Jayme Michaels, Adjutant to the Sovereign Defense Advisor eyed the young Lieutenant.  He was little more than a teenager.  How did he rate a post as cushy as this?  Jayme would be looking into it, but first things had to come first.  “Intel?”

The young louie looked nervous about something.  “Unconfirmed reports sir.”

“Ok, let’s just cut to the chase, what do we have to go on here?”

“Some reports say they were terran, some say they were vasudan.  Some say they were flying the GTVA banner on their warships.”

Jayme stopped staring out the window and immediately turned to face the lieutenant at this.  “Go on.”

“All of the reports state that the ships have never been seen before.  All of the reports claim to have been fired on first.  All of the reports claim that they were oiutmaneuvered, out gunned, and out numbered. From the unconfirmed reports, I would say that the LIR and the VAC are under attack from an unknown entity.”

“How long have you been attached to this office?” Jayme Asked.

“Two months Sir”

“Ok, when I ask for intel I want facts, when I ask for opinions I want opinions, try to keep the two separate.  I have to go my boss with what we get, and Mr. Munoz isn’t a very pleasant person to bring bad news to.  Mostly because he in turn has to give that news to Precentor Macgregor.  Get on the horn, wake up 20,000 people.  I want solid Intel on this, and I want options.  Now then, what do we have that is solid?”

“Nothing Sir.”

“Ok, you want me to go to the Sovereign defense Advisor and tell him that two of our neighbors have lost contact with some of their systems.  That one of those neighbors is an ally of ours, and that we have no idea what’s going on?  I don’t think so…..get on it.”

The young lieutenant looked startled for a moment.  “Yes Sir.  I’ll get into this personally.”

“Well enough.” Was all that Jayme would say as a form of dismissal.  After the lieutenant left, he exhaled loudly, and on his way back to his desk, he caught site of his reflection on a currently offline 3d monitor.  His youth, far behind him, he was quickly growing old.  Much faster than he would like to admit.  Somewhere during the last 13 years with the Sovereign Defense committee, he’d come into middle age.  


“Sir we can’t send in our own operatives, it’s against the delta serpentis accords.  The Lir doesn’t even know that we know, and the VAC is saying no.  No troops within their borders.  All we know for certain, is that a hostile force has attacked the Vasudan Commonwealth and we believe that they have also attacked the League of Interplanetary Races.  Communication with fringe systems has been lost.  The VAC is willing to risk a serious incident to keep us out of this.  We don’t take too kindly to them misplacing one of our ambassadors, and they know this. Yet they persist in keeping our troops outside their border.  We have offered to send in a small force to help with the search.  No go.  We have offered civilian science vessels with advanced scanning equipment.  Again, no go.  We have been blocked at every turn.  The only thing we can do according to the Accords is to lend them some troops.  Non house troops sir.  Mercs.”

Sovereign defense Advisor Munoz had the ability to appear to be looking through the person he was talking to.  Even over vidconferencing, this was disconcerting to say the least.  For long moments the two sat in silence, Jayme staring at the screen, Munoz staring through jayme, at god only knows what.

“Who were you thinking about hiring?” Munoz Finally asked.

“Well sir, we have a number of outfits on retainer , I was thinking about moving the DG into the Nekkar nebula, and using the Horde.”

Something shifted in Munoz expression at the mention of the Iron horde.  He had had several run ins with macaullay in the past, both political and military.  Although he had won in most of the political arenas, he had never beaten him militarily, and for a merc outfit, that was where it counted.

“They aren’t very subtle, Adjutant.”

Jayme hated the way that Munoz loved to make sure that his subordinates knew they were his subordinates, but when dealing with Bureaucrats, it was to be expected. “I know sir, but right now I don’t think subtlety is what we need.  They are the best.  If we want solid intel, they are the ones to use.”
Once again, that disconcerting stare.  Finally ,munoz said, “Hire the bastaard.”


“Let’s go people, get it packed up.  I want to be ready to move in 24 hours.  When the DG gets here, I want to have everything ready to go.  Iggy? The fighters ready for cover during the subspace jump?”  Lieutenant colonel Geisendorff asked.

   Iggy was the lead tech for the Entire first wing of the Iron horde.  Not following a typical command structure, The IH had its fighters set into 5 ship flights, 3 flight Squadrons, and 3 squadron wings.  Iggy was the oldest member of the IH chronologically speaking, and one of the oldest members in seniority.  Although a bit eccentric, he was probably the best tech in Terran Coalition space.  

   “Ready and waiting.  1st flight is green.  2nd flight is green, and by the time 3rd flight stands the watch, they will be prepped for subspace ops.  Basically, green squadron is go.  Red and Blue squadrons are set up for immediate launch.  Ordinance has been designated and packed aboard support. Pilot recovery craft in case of pilot going extra vehicular are set and ready to fly.  Just say the word and we go.”

   “Ok,” Lt. Colonel Geisendorff began, “we have a rep from the SDC coming aboard for this op, and he will be expecting to meet with Colonel macaullay, myself, and you at 1630 hours standard.  Be here then.  Anybody else?”

   When no one answered Geisendorff took this as a sign that everything was proceeding according schedule, if not faster.  They’d done this a million times.  “If no one has any problems or rough spots, let’s get our people moving.  The boss wants us to head out asap, we give him what he wants.”  


“So what happens now?” Tab Macaullay asked.  

   “I don’t know.  He took me off flight status. I don’t know what happens now.  How do you feel?” Philip asked.

   “I feel fine, I promise.  I just wish I could find a way to tell dad that I’m pregnant.”

   Tabitha Macaullay was the only child that Jim Macaullay had.  Her mother had died in childbirth, even after all of the medical advances, every woman was still closest to death during childbirth.  

   Phil put his hand on Tab’s stomach, and imagined that he could feel the tiny life growing inside her.  His child was growing in there.  And the boss didn’t even know that he and Tab were together.  Much less pregnant.  

   “You know he doesn’t trust your combat instincts anymore, right?”

   Philip stopped for a second, deep in thought, wounded.  When he turned to look at Tab, he saw what he didn’t expect, what she had said hurt her as much as it had him. Then she grabbed him and held on tight.  “I’m scared.”

   He held on as tightly as she did, “I know, so am i.”

“I’m transferring Tab to the Brimstone.  She isn’t going with us.  We don’t know what’s out there.” Jim Macaullay told his friend.

“I don’t blame you.  What about O’shea?”

“He’s going with us.”  


“Mike I know what you’re gunna say,” Macaullay cut him off.  “But he needs to be there.  Even if he isn’t flying.  There isn’t anything he can do here, and somewhere out there, he may regain himself.  If he does we need to be there.  If not, we need to be there to help him through it.  It’s been almost two weeks, his reactions improve, his flying ability plummets.  I don’t know how to beat this one.  We need to find out what’s wrong, what’s going on with him.”  

At which point he stopped to knock on the door in front of him.  He knew that Tab would take it hard, being left behind, but he just couldn’t bring her into an unknown situation.  When she didn’t answer, he knocked again.  He was about to turn to leave when he decided to check in on her, make sure she was OK.  He silently opened the door to her stateroom.  

Her look said it all.  Philip’s look said more.  Jim closed his eyes and turned half away, then turned back to them.

“Colonel,” Philip started, “I can explain.”

The anger that Colonel Jim Macaullay of the Iron horde felt flooded into his eyes, his voice, and his very core.  “oh, you can explain, I want to hear this. You wait here, I’ll be right back.”

He turned to leave when Tab grabbed his arm.  “Daddy no!”

“Put some clothes on Tab.  It’ll be alright honey, I’ll take care of this.”

With that, he was out the door and heading quickly down the corridor toward the weapons locker.  Mike turned to look at Tab and Philip.  “He’s gunna shoot you.”

Philip just looked at Lt. Colonel Geisendorff. “No he’s not.”

“Yes I am!!!” came a voice from down the corridor, the command voice of Colonel James Macaullay.  

Mike took off running after him, and caught up.  “I’m not sure this is entirely legal.”

“It’s OK Mike, I’m not all here at the moment.  Did you know about this?” Jim looked at his best friend.  “yup, you knew.” His stride became longer.  

Mike turned to see Philip running full speed in the opposite direction, and tab running in their direction.

“Here she comes.” Mike said, and then found a passage conveniently placed to his left, he took it, leaving Jim to walk on in silence.

“Daddy this is not funny.  I’ve been seeing Philip for 8 months.”

“Not after today.” Came Jim’s stoic reply.

“You can’t tell me what to do anymore, I’m not your little girl.  I can make my own choices.”

“Philip’s not a choice, he’s the only person your age that you’ve ever known.”

Tabitha macaullay jumped in front of him, he stopped dead in his tracks and looked at his little girl.  She was so tiny, and so defiant.  When the hell did she grow up anyway?  Where was his little girl?

“Daddy please, I understand the fact that you are socially inept and out of touch with your feelings.” She said softly.  

“Tabitha get out of my way.”

She stood her ground, defiant until the end.  He put his hands on her arms and gently moved her out if his way.  Now stay out of my way.

Forgetting about his exceptional hearing as he was walking away, she muttered under her breath, “Hi junior, this is grandpa, he shot daddy.”

   Then she caught herself, and looked up in time to see her father slowly turn to lower his icy gaze on her.

   “Tell me I didn’t hear what I know I heard.  Tell me I didn’t hear it.”

   “Daddy please, I really need you to understand right now.”

   “Listen tab, I want you heading planetside in six hours, the
Brimstone will pick you up.  We are taking the Fire into the Combat Zone.”

   “You mean you don’t want me going?”

   “You got it, we are heading into a situation filled with unknowns, you are not going on this op.  We’ll be aboard Bannockburn, you’ll be aboard Brimstone.”

   Tabitha just looked at him.  “No way.  I’m going with you.”

   And the stand off continued between two of the most deadly opposing forces known to man.  A father with a daughter he was trying to protect, and a daughter who wasn’t having it.

General Discussion / Vasudan Society
« on: March 08, 2005, 02:13:53 AM »
To be honest i have no where near an idea where to start.  Everyone likes to discuss Shivans and Shivan society, but what about the Vasudans?  What is known of how they live?

« on: February 25, 2005, 04:55:43 AM »
Meet mission 9.  actually a fun mission.

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