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Tmp2 / New User Review on BTRL
« on: June 08, 2007, 09:00:07 AM »
Right I downloaded it last night so thought I fly some creative criticism your way. First of all I want say I thought the game was solid, the and the graphics were easy on par with current titles. Full of features gamers want to see, especially the customisation of craft, wing men, and the coop, and coop campaign is looking very promising. The reason im writing this is because I love the title already and want it completed rather than abandoned.
One thing I will mention is the sounds, that annoying pinging sound when you get hit from lasers is nothing more than annoying, especially doing a head to head. The glide toggle looks great, and im glad to see this is being highlighted with more control options during the glide process. Also the Random Microsoft SAM voice going off is un-needed, and when it does it drowns out the voices of the in-flight mission briefing and anything else that might be going on with sound flooding.
The missions are good, its shame the “demo” version contains two particular boring missions, I would have liked to fight off a swarm of raiders to give my battlestar a chance to power up its jump drive – this would help aid the anticipation of the release of the game a little more, as random asteroid killing can be tedious. The keyboard mouse setup was perfect for the job, although im guessing 99% of people will be changing the binding on the keys as I did. I found It frustrating to shoot the enemy, and was actually disappointed that my craft was almost at the point of invincible, and seeing as any good pilot is never going to be holding a trajectory long enough to get a good row of hits I feel them amount of shots needed to down needs looking at, possible even halved. This missiles I found are useless and the course trail to the target means you don’t see the launch, whereas currently you fire a missile and it doesn’t re-appear until its untop of the target, which makes the missiles less satisfying to use, and not to mention far too weak.
A couple of bugs I found were that the exe doesn’t install the items in the startup menu properly, the multiplayer section wont work unless you’ve selected a connection type (shouldn’t there be a default option?) not to mention the updater which I didn’t have a clue how to use.
Im using a quad core processor and didn't experience any slow down in FPS as i was expecting after reading other peoples comments.

I hope this helps, im sure its all been said before, but im sure the opinion of a new user and someone not tainted by forum politics could help.

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