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Tmp2 / Modeling Request
« on: April 27, 2006, 09:19:41 PM »
I know there's a lot of great modelers here, so if anyone has any free time, I have a few requests...I'm working on a fan fic about a Colonial Special Ops Gunstar...I'm calling it a 'Refitted Solara-Class Gunstar''d look something like this:

I guess it'd be about a third the size of a Battlestar...the flight pods don't extend...and there's a landing bay in the back between the engines but on the underside...and there's only the two sublight engines...other than that, I guess you could use your imagination?

Also, it'd be nice if someone could make these too:

A Colonial Assault Raptor/Marine'd be longer than a Raptor and would have a gatling gun on the front...if someone textures it, a black stealth version would be nice too...

and I also would like a variation on the Viper MK VII...something a bit larger, with the wing-guns replaced with small gatling guns and the topside gun extended more...otherwise I guess just use your imagination! maybe use elements from this one?

I'd really appreciate it if someone could do these...or at least the gunstar...but only if you've got free time...I wouldn't want to take away from this awesome project!

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