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To all pilots

The CAG has been kind enough to assign me the great privilege of acting as Wing Training Officer.

To all you nuggets who can't handle big words, that means you've gotta get through me to get your wings! ;)

Seriously. I will now be organising the training sessions on behalf of the wing. I will be setting some specific goals based around formation flying then moving on to fighting tactics and manouevers. I want to make us the tightest, best looking ships out there and that means some discipline, and us all singing from the same page. Then, when everything goes crazy in the vacuum of space, your training will kick in like instinct and we'll shine on through.

I'll ask you all to bear with me on details while I get this all devised and set out. I'll then be posting openings for training sessions. I don't want to overblow you all with intricate flight details, but both the CAG and I agree that we want to treat this seriously, and hope you do too. Some of it might start off a little boring for you experienced types, but we've gotta get everyone up to the same level.

And yes, you'll be elligible to add wings of varying prettiness to your signature as you progress :)

Tmp2 / Windows Vista and FS2
« on: December 07, 2006, 11:04:32 AM »
Hi all

Being one of those lucky, geeky types who gets legitimate access to Betas etc (As a Microsoft Certifiable Systems Engineer :D ) I have been trialling Vista since the early awful Betas.

I now have a fully-licensed release edition of Vista and thought it might be good to try FS2 out on it. I had a play last night and performance, using the ATi Vista Catalyst drivers for my PCI-Express Radeon were fine. Performance was excellent.

Only had to uninstall McAfee Virusscan and Nero as they are incompatible - I even managed to get a game of Battlefield 2 going with no problems

Let's hope when my new joy/throttle arrives that they work :eek2:

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