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Tmp2 / New info on the Xbox Live Arcade BSG game...
« on: July 09, 2007, 09:47:06 PM »
...PUKE.  Just...just read it and look at the sorry-ass screenshots.  At least it doesn't look to be a threat to our work...unless they get all touchy.

I can't believe they canceled Jericho.  I really hate how network execs think that viewers are a bunch of brain-dead yahoos who will only watch flavor of the week shows that require no though or interest in the characters...

Not that these ever work, but here is a link to the petition to save Jericho, if you are interested:


Tmp2 / Request from PC Zone UK--READ AND GIVE OPINION
« on: May 17, 2007, 03:26:30 PM »
Read the following request from PC Zone, and weigh in.  If we assert that they include disclaimers that we are not affiliated with NBC Universal and that the game is free/non-profit, do you think it is okay?  Or do you think that this would be too 'official' and thus threaten to anger the legal gods?  I will reply around 0100 GMT (1900 CDT).

I'm writing from PC Zone magazine in the UK to ask for permission to run Beyond The Red Line on the coverdisc of our July issue (on sale from 24th May). We're giving our verdict on the title in our Freeware section this month (two pages dedicated to the best freeware games around) and would like to accompany the text in the magazine with the file on the disc, so that our readers can give the game a go straight after they've read about it.

Suzy Wallace
Reviews Editor - PC Zone
Future Publishing
2 Balcombe Street

Tmp2 / Tom's Hardware Guide Interview, Need Input From the Team!!
« on: May 16, 2007, 01:46:12 AM »
These questions are due by Thursday, Friday at the latest.  Contribute where you ought to:

How did this project get started? (namely Omni)

What do you do for your day jobs? (Everyone)
What elements of FreeSpace 2 have not been touched for this game? (Kara, UT, LtC, other programmers/coders)
Have you had any game development experience in the past (if so, with who and what titles)? (Anyone who this applies to)


Tmp2 / Dev meeting Sunday April 15
« on: April 11, 2007, 12:32:02 PM »
just so we're all on the same page, dev meeting April 15 (Sunday), same time (2100 GMT).

Tmp2 / Out of Town Easter Weekend
« on: April 06, 2007, 11:48:19 PM »
I will be out of town tonight through Easter Sunday (8 April) around 2300 GMT.  If you need to get ahold of me, call me at 660-422-1714, any time.

Have a great weekend!

Tmp2 / Who is Andrew Tait??
« on: April 01, 2007, 11:25:23 PM »
...he has done some more work on ''...might be something to keep an eye on.

Tmp2 / Creating a Facebook group...
« on: April 01, 2007, 11:16:15 PM »
...good idea or bad idea?  It puts actual names out there in public, of those involved with the project.  Unless someone thinks it's a bad idea, I'll go ahead and post about it later tonight (I've already created it, 'Beyond the Red Line' in global groups).

Tmp2 / KARA, ODD: Promotion problems`
« on: March 26, 2007, 11:01:53 PM »
Was going through the promotion lines this afternoon, and there's a problem...the rank structure you have laid out does not jive with the rank structure that RDM himself set out at the beginning of S2 (I researched this a long time ago)

VA rank structure:
Lt J.G
Rear Admiral
Vice Admiral

Canon Rank structure:
Lt J.G.

Want me to just tweak the lines to work, or did you have something else in mind?

Tmp2 / Btrl Press Release/ And Contribute!!
« on: March 23, 2007, 03:26:07 AM »
Alrighty folks, I've done the first two sections (planning to do some rewrites on it later this weekend), and I wanted to get this up here and start getting some input on the other sections.  Credit to WCS for the format.

So, read through it, suggest text for the areas which you have been doing work in, and we'll get this cleaned up and looking real nice.  If I have time I'm going to put this through Publisher and zazz it up with some imaged, etc.  (currently the header is the same as the top of our forum...but I don't know how good an idea it is to include Battlestar Galactica in any 'official' documents, even at this point.)

Now accepting suggestions/corrections for ALL SECTIONS.  I and mods will edit as necessary.




SPOILER WARNING: The following readme and the game itself contain spoilers for Battlestar Galactica Season 2. If you have not seen the series as far as the the episode "Scar", you might want to avoid playing for the time being.


We thought we were saved.  A week after the Nuclear Holocaust our rag-tag fleet of civilian ships,led by the captain of the Scylla, wandered aimlessly through space.  We were overcrowded, under-armed, low on fuel and nearly out of food.  Our handful of battered Vipers were only minor nuisance to the daily Raider attacks and after a week, when the Base ship appeared, most of us were resigned to our fate.

But then, appearing like a savior from the Gods themselves, a lone battlestar pounded through the Cylons’ defenses.  We cheered the arrival of Battlestar Pegasus; her crew had saved us.  Or so we thought...

Scylla was first.  We watched from the observation deck of the charter liner Requiem as the Raptors docked with it.  We caught a brief burst of wireless comms from Scylla, frantic and distorted, but the message was clear: get away.  It was too late; when Pegasus' Raptors found Requiem a few minutes later, they brought nothing that gave us reason to praise the Gods.  Mechanics arrived to claim Requiem's vital systems, and Colonial Marines--with guns drawn--claimed warm bodies.  Death at the mechanical hands of the Cylons would have been better.  

Drafted and pressed into service, your only hope of survival is to fall in line and train to join the ranks of the elite Viper pilots of Battlestar Pegasus.  Get a taste of the action that awaits you in the upcoming main campaign with intense single- and multiplayer missions.  Will you become one of Pegasus’ elite, or will you give your life in the vast, cold battleground of deep space?

Game features:
•  Powered by the revamped Freespace 2 engine
•  Entirely stand-alone, Freespace 2 not required
•  Accurately detailed high-resolution ship models
•  High quality, originally engineered audio
•  Authentic, original in-game soundtrack, in addition to pieces by Bear McCreary and Richard Gibbs
•  Original characters and voice acting
•  A three mission single player campaign depicting never-before-seen events, interwoven with and true to the series’ storyline
•  Head online and go head-to-head with your friends—and foes—in intense multiplayer missions including Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and others
•  Exciting Viper combat with authentic weaponry and flight controls


Minimum Specifications:

Computer: 100% DirectX 8.1 compatible computer
Operating System: Windows® 98SE/ME/2000/XP
CPU: Pentium® 1 GHz or AMD Athlon 800 MHz processor
Memory: 512 MB RAM
Graphics Card: 64 MB NVIDIA® GeForce 3, ATI Radeon Hardware T&L card or other OpenGL compatible video card
Sound Card: Windows® 98/2000/XP-compatible sound card
Input Device: Windows® compatible mouse and keyboard
DirectX®: DirectX® version 8.1 or higher
OpenAL: OpenAL is a cross-platform 3D audio API appropriate for use with gaming applications and many other types of audio applications.
Installation: 600 MB free HD space

Recommended System Specs:

Computer: 100% DirectX 8.1 compatible computer
Operating System: Windows® 98SE/ME/2000/XP
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3200+ or equivalent Pentium® processor
Memory: 1gb MB RAM
Graphics Card: 256 MB NVIDIA® GerForce 6, equivalent ATI Hardware T&L card or other OpenGL compatible video card
Sound Card: Windows® 98/2000/XP-compatible sound card
Input Device: Windows® compatible joystick
DirectX®: DirectX® version 8.1 or higher
OpenAL: OpenAL is a cross-platform 3D audio API appropriate for use with gaming applications and many other types of audio applications.
Installation: 600 MB free HD space

•  When playing the game with a dual-core processor, you may experience poor framerates in graphic intensive missions. Setting the processor affinity to only one core (in Task Manager) can help this issue.

To install the Beyond the Red Line Demo, simply run the BtRLDemoInstaller that you downloaded. Follow the steps, and select the folder you want to install to. At the end of the installation, there will be important post-installation notes that need to be followed. If you don't follow these instructions, it is unlikely that the Beyond the Red Line Demo will work.

1.7   MULTIPLAYER (Credit to MatthewPapa for the basis for steps 2-5)
So, you'd like to see how you measure up against the rest of the world? To get multiplayer working:
1. Make sure your installation is up-to-date. Make sure you are connected to the Internet, then run BtRLDemoUpdater.jar or BtRLDemoUpdater.exe in the root installation folder. It's got the same layout as the installer, so you should have no problems with it.
2. Register a multiplayer account here. Be sure to write down/remember your multiplayer account information.
3. If you want to host multi games, you'll need to forward port 7808 to the machine you're playing on. If you don't know how to do this, you can look up your router on
4. Start up the BtRL Demo, and click the Multi tab on the choose pilot screen and create a new pilot. Give the pilot the same name as the account you made in step 2.
5. From the main menu, select Options, then click Multi at the top left. Make sure that the settings are:
- TCP is selected, IPX is deselected.
- You don't need to do anything with the IP box unless you're playing a Lan game.
- Make sure /MULTIDATA is turned off.
- Make sure PXO is turned on, and enter the account and password from step 2 into the appropriate fields. You can leave Squadron blank, it doesn't do anything.
- Object Update should always be on Low, unless you're hosting, in which case it should be on High. We can not stress this enough! Most of the lag problems you experience will be due to someone not having the correct Object Update settings. During testing, we played ten-player dogfights with little to no lag. When one person switched to Medium Object Updates, the game was almost unplayable. Make sure that when you stop hosting, you switch back to Low Object Updates. Having Object Updates set to Low will not make the game any less beautiful.
- Transfer Missions should be set to /MISSIONS, not /MULTIDATA.
- Flush Cache should be set to Never.
6. Hit Briefing, and you'll connect to the Multi Server and will be able to start playing.


Tmp2 / URGENT: Hold Public Statements!!!
« on: February 10, 2007, 12:48:11 AM »
This is for the entire team, hold any public statements in the community forum regarding the team's status, intents, reactions and so on regarding the announcement of the Sierra Online BSG space combat game until a team position has been established.  Omni or I will make a public statement to the community on behalf of the team.

Individual/personal comments are ok for now, but we request that you limit them as much as possible and not join in the 'which will be better' discussions.  Any statement on a team level needs to be handled in a professional manner.  

Thank you, that is all.

Tmp2 / Dukeman42 'out of office' this weekend.
« on: January 19, 2007, 03:31:07 AM »
Just letting everyone know that I will be out of town (out of state, actually) Friday night (19th) through Sunday evening (21st).  I should be able to check e-mail and the forums periodically, should anything arise.

Tmp2 / MLK Day BSG marathon on Sci-Fi Monday!!
« on: January 14, 2007, 05:51:11 PM »
Now hear this!  Now hear this!

on January 15 (Monday, Martin Luther King, Jr Day in the US), the Sci-Fi Channel is having a Battlestar Galactica marathon beginning at 8am EST!!  They will be reshowing the first half of Season 3, from Occupation to Eye of Jupiter.  So, if you don't have a snow day to make up and have the day off, here's your chance to see the first half of Season 3 again before the new episodes begin Sunday the 21st!

That is all.

Tmp2 / Duke's Holiday Availability (just FYI)
« on: December 23, 2006, 03:03:33 AM »
Due to Holiday obligations and various family visits, I will be unavailable from 11:59pm tonight (Friday, CDT) until Tuesday, Dec. 26th 6:00 pm CDT.  I will be available by phone for emergencies, and checking e-mail when I can.  Everyone have a happy holiday weekend if you are celebrating anything:)
(660)422-1714 USE WISELY!!

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