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Tmp2 / FRED Assets (Low Poly Pegasus, Etc.)
« on: January 09, 2008, 11:46:29 PM »
I was just made aware that the FRED academy padawans do not have access to our most sexy resources. While the reasoning behind this is quite sound, I think that it would be fantastic if we could give them SOMETHING of our capship and wip assets.

I recall someone, somewhere, sometime talking on the subject of porting Coxxon meshes into the game to use as placeholders until the final meshes were ready. That's a fine plan indeed, and If it has already been carried out and I've simply missed the memo, then cool. :)

In any case, I still have a low res Pegasus lying around that I figure would be safe to pass around. The overall shape is much more accurate than Coxxon's work (god bless him, he really accomplished a lot with that mesh pack), and with some guns and textures applied, she'll be quite ready for a more general consumption (and much less, er, expensive to have leaked in the case of such treachery).

Regardless, I'm uploading the raw mesh right now. You probably shouldn't distribute this mesh freely however.

If you want me to slap some textures to it, I can. Low polygon turrets are included in the RAR file. I have MAX9 format, ASE ASCII format, OBJ format and of course 3DS format in the RAR of both models. I have no clue how to port this stuff up properly, though I am quite open to learning.

Again, the point of this thread is to discuss getting rough but usable assets into the game for the use of the mission builders, thereby pulling this wrench out of the machine and allowing development to move along at an even faster pace.

Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions? Crying? Confessions of deepest fears?

Tmp2 / New Dev Tags
« on: April 18, 2007, 02:44:59 PM »
I whipped up some new ones in the style of the website graphics as well as a quick Phoenix if we should want to go back that route.

First Five in this post. Two more in next post.

Tmp2 / The Toss Pot (AKA: My Hi-Rez BTRL Logos and Whatever Else)
« on: December 16, 2006, 05:25:40 PM »
I just saw the new teaser and boy oh boy. Well it was a pleasant surprise to me, seeing the mod logo at the end.


I was slightly puzzled though, on account of my lack of releasing that stuff in some official way. I quickly remembered, though, that I had posted a low rez pic of both versions of the logo in the public forum.

So I present, in Photoshop CS .psd and .png, the high resolution originals with transparency.

Now, you might wonder "Scotchy, you showboating redneck... why make a whole thread just to upload a couple of pics?". Well, you jerk, allow me to lay out my idea for the rest of this thread.

I think we need a set of graphics that fans of the show/mod can put in their sigs, not only on our forums, but on others; Link logos for boards, blogs and websites. Perhaps even making some new graphics fo these here boards if not the website.

I can do graphics, especially when given direction. And I have seen the fruits of the interface designers and texturers on this team, and by god WE can do graphics.

Maybe im just on a graphics kick, but I'm rested and have a while sick day off to work on something and I'm on a temporary pause* with the Pegasus and want something to do.

And also I have just recently, last evening in point of fact, christened some new drinking equipment (a shotglass checker set primarily) and I have the leavings of a headache that will only be exacerbated by working in max.

Where's the "hung-over" smiley?


BTRL Logo Hi-Rez Photoshop CS PSD | BTRL Logo Hi-Rez PNG

* As in, I am waiting for some info and I am also looking to dodge burn-out. Temporary means in terms of days, no week or weeks.

I want to get this started off right with a few notes:

First Point: Ajax's computer is having some mega troubles and it seems that he may not be able to finish the Pegasus in the near future, or at least before December 15th (which I seem to remember as being the due date for the video).

Second Point: I do have access to Ajax's work so far and he has accomplished quite alot. However, due to many differences in our modeling techniques, I felt the need to start afresh with a new mesh.

Third Point: I am using Ajax's mesh as a sort of reference (in addition to the others available). It would be silly to toss out all of the work that he has done when it can be put to great use speeding up the second build. This means (to me) co-credits. Hence the credits in the pic.

No more points.

Just the usual modeller apologetics. The flight pod connection pylons are mostly placeholders. The hard edges in alot of areas are intentional. I'm leaving hard edges and basic shapes until it's closer to a whole picture. The simpler versions can be saved as LODs. The engines are missing and will arrive shortly.

I like the color pink. I'm sorry. I just do.

Tmp2 / [Colonial] Dreadstar - Status: WIP
« on: October 27, 2006, 01:33:54 AM »
Oy oy! First bit of work on the project so far. I started building this about a week and a half before I joined the team. In case you don't recognise it, this is one of Starslayer's concepts. I saw it on Sci-Fi Meshes and thought it grand. Then I found the mod and also thought it grand. The math was right.

So and thus!

I've no idea if it will be in the mod at all, but it seemed like a real waste to let it set, unmolested and collecting digital dust. With Starslayer's help, I've been able to refine the design a bit more and I am quite pleased with how it is shaping up. I'm usually so hard to please.

The central engine in the rear is kind of temporary. A sort of concept, 'cause I haven't been able to work out the shape connections between the ship as drawn and the rear engines as drawn. I whipped this Merc-alike center engine up and lo and behold, it doesn't look half bad at all.

All of that is still Starslayer's call though. If you don't like this engine, you let me know. If you do, then... well, great! I would love some sketchy suggestions on how to detail it though. If you leave me to my own devices, things will get odd.

Without further adieu, etcetera, etcetera, and so forth...


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