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Well it is finally here. Can't what to see what SGU has in store for us. Post your thoughts below.

I was watching a Stargate Atlantis episode that I can't remember the name, but the Daedalus or what seems to be the Daedalus appears in orbit above Atlantis so Shepard's team goes up and finds this ship to be from another reality.

*Rubs eyes*
At this point the episodes are running together in my head so bare with me if I post something wrong it is about 20 minutes til 1am.

The extra-reality drive developed apparently by an alt-reality McKay allows the ship to cross into alternate universes. It seems that reality's McKay and the team that developed the drive made some kind of subspace energy collection device that was able to absorb energy from subspace or somewhere.  Now they needed this collector because the drive required more power than a ZPM was unable to fork out over a long number of 'jumps'. The ship was found abandoned except for the remains of Shepards team from an alt-reality. IT seems that the McKay that made the drive forgot to put a 'shutoff valve' for the collector and it resulted in the drive jumping until the original crew of the alt-Daedalus abandoned ship. Thus the ship jumped until our Shepard found it. in the End McKay was able to reverse the drive after about 4 or 5 jumps and some nasty battles.

I am thinking that the F-302's could in theory replace the naqahdriah generator with this subspace energy collector. Thus allowing the 302's ot use there hyperdrives in the mod. IT would be almost canon as far as concept is concerned but not so much as far as what is in the show.  what do you think.

Stargate SG-1: Earth's Defence / Frustration is Kicking in.
« on: June 09, 2008, 06:00:34 AM »
Well I see that in my absence due to Finals, Graduating, and what not that Star Dragon continues his fine hunt for models. I was looking over some of the models I have been working on (checks the fresh convertion attempt on the new 304 model) and noticed that in order to have a demo of anykind started we will need things other than fancy pancy models.

 I have posted several times what we are in need of and a lack of interest in the mod is the only real reason that things are going so slowly. At this point I only know of mayhap 2-3 people who are even actively working on anything for this mod, and one of them is me. I know I haven't posted a great deal and it seems like I have been breaking a good deal of promises lately but the btrl mod has at least 10x the number of people we have... at the very least.

I am trying to work on several aspects of the mod at once and it is draging because I'm one person. I have a large list of things that need to be done to just one small area of the mod and its not a strong point for me...

Sorry for the rambleing but I have had several people ask me when the mod will be done and at the rate it is going now I'm going to have to say a very long time, another year or so at our current rate. I have had an influx of people come on at any given time and say they want to help only to not hear from them when I do give them something.

Most of the people I get responce to staff posts want to beta test or voice act and I haven't even had time to write a basic script for even one of the main missions, which I have yet again had to revise. I will post another general list of the kind of people we need in .

I just checked the converstion again looks like it may work.

Tmp2 / Has the long load time been resolved?
« on: January 16, 2008, 02:53:14 AM »
I was just wondering if, by chance, the earlier problem of long loading times has been resolved. I had the problem and I was never truly ever able to play.

Stargate SG-1: Earth's Defence / "Sunday" **WARNING:SPOILERS**
« on: June 08, 2007, 04:06:37 AM »

A short Blurb that I remember from that tragic moment:

Dr. Beckett handels the Bio-hazard cooler with great care as one wrong jolt could cause the tumer to detonate. Drawing close to the next turn he spots the bomb disposal container and the bomb squad member. Being very gental, Beckett hands the cooler to the armored man and backs away. Taking a few steps Beckett turns and begins to walk away from the hallway that the volitale tumer now was located at. With a simple push on his ear piece Beckett hears the static of his radio come to life. "We've made the handoff..." Carson states when the corridor behind him erruptes into a blazing inferno and envelopes him before he even knows what is happening.

I must say that I was greatly distrote with this scene when I was watching it and I can only reiterate what Tala stated in the infermory before the memoral scene, " I feel a great sadness."

I am shocked at this turn of events and I think that it is ironic that such a dreadfull loss would take place thinking back to Dr. Frazier from Stargate: SG-1 and remembered that I felt the same way.

But there are always new horizons and its is doubtful that Carson is trully out of the picture. Which brings up the heated question... DID Carson Asend

GateWorld's interview with Paul McGillion

Stargate SG-1: Earth's Defence / Ship Sizes: Let the Fans Decide
« on: February 21, 2007, 07:26:58 AM »
I would like to know if anyone has some viable intel ont he ships sizes for Stargate i am looking for the time being sizes for the following ships.

Death Glider

I would be greatful for anything to help decide what will happen for the scale

I would like to start off by saying that I am sorry for the lack of updates ont he mod. Work is hard and time consuming especially with real life.

Our Current Development Model intals interal communication between myself and those that provide or obtain the materials for the mod.

It should be expected for there to be meduim to long period where little or no updates are availible.

We are working with only a small number of people in comparison to the other mods. So we ask for your understanding

In responce to some of the comments in Recurtment Thread I offer the following:

[Thanks for the consern I have been trying to get something togeather worth posting but have not had the time to do so...

Shiv what effects are you refuring to... We could really use some hyperspace effects I have very limited time and what I have put togeather in an attempt for it has been... less than promising.

As for stargate2008 and saruman178 We need a clear idea of any ands all engaments, battles and the like conserning the x/f-302 and promethus.

Also we could use some ideas of how to run the Jaffa Rebellion up to the Battle of Decara between the Jaffa/Baal(Anubis) Fleet and the Replicators.

Just send me a e-mail at with your ideas I should be able to get back to you with in a week or less... I check my e-mail at least once a day if not more should I be expecting something.

Star Dragon I was wondering if you had anything for the replicator ships from "Unnatural Selection", "Surpents Song" (or Venum I cant remember right off), or any other incounters. The large cruiser and landing craft that is made completely from Replicator blocks would be great.]

As I stated I hope to at least have some screens if nothing else, mainly of the Hatak again thank you for your continued understanding.

Stargate SG-1: Earth's Defence / Stargate SG1:ED is looking for staff
« on: January 30, 2007, 05:23:43 PM »
We are looking for anyone who would like to help with Stargate SG-1 Earth's Defence. If you would like to help post a responce below or a PM with any of the below listed as possable:
* A what you can do listed
-Mission Scripts (Writing Dialoge and events for Fred2ers)
-Voice Acting
-TESTING(soon Im hoping)
*An other mods you are or were apart of.
*If you have the most recent SCP/FSO
*Anythign else that would work for getting SG1ED off the ground and fighting the Gou'ald (or Ori if you have been keeping up with the Series)


Stargate SG-1: Earth's Defence / Public Update Thread
« on: October 04, 2006, 05:08:42 PM »
I thought it would be nice to have an update thread that would should what we have done and what we are working on.

I do have an update at the moment I have a stable (as in on my system) collection of ships and weapons as well as other files... The point being I have the following ships with SG1 model and a complament of weapons that works without crashing:

X/F - 302
X/BC - 303
X/C - 304
Low-Low-Low Poly Hat'ak/Cheops

I will post picuters soon... I hope
School is kick me around so.....

Stargate SG-1: Earth's Defence / SG-1 Earths Defence Looking for staff.
« on: August 06, 2006, 03:17:26 AM »
We are looking for more talented people to continue with development on the Stargate SG-1 Earth's Defence.

If you would Like to help out post what it is you would like to do.

****Please do not post unless you are looking to help. Any posts not related to this thread will be erased****

Stargate SG-1: Earth's Defence / Screen Shots Thread
« on: July 24, 2006, 09:08:03 PM »
Alpha stuff thus Far not including the Stuff given to me by Star Dragon. YOu know just to wet your appatite!!!!

Batch 1

Stargate SG-1: Earth's Defence / Website Update Delay
« on: June 22, 2006, 09:29:07 PM »
I am having trouble with accessing the website ftp so it will be some time before I can update it I am trying to get a hold of the forums lead adim. and will try to get it up as soon as possable.
Thank you for Paysence,

P.S. sorry for the spelling.

For those who have already seen the battle on last seasons SG-1 and know about the fate of the Jaffa/Tau'ri/Asgard/Lusean Alliance Fleet over the Super Gate I would like you to take a moment and think.......

WOULD SG-1 just died like that...... I mean come one the Russians just got there ship and the Odyssy has been up for say 3-4 episodes after Promethus bit the bullet (Or in this case the big Orie Beam).

I must say that for the Motherships to be ripped apart by one shoot is not unheard of, if you recall Anubises superbeam did the System Lord fleet in easy.

We didn't even see what happend to the Asgard ship( was is an O'nell or a Thor's Charite Class. In either case it may have escaped.

Also what are the odds of Sam escaping with out capture at this point.

I got to tell you the script writers of SG-1 have there work cut out for them to answer all the questions above and ones I didn't post.

What are you thoughts.

Stargate SG-1: Earth's Defence / Come on breath, Breath blast it all....
« on: December 14, 2005, 04:20:47 AM »
She liiiivvvessssssss........ Ok I know things have been slow around here but I think that we need some major open time...... I need help. Ok I need everyone to send  me an update on whether that are still with up or not. I also need to know if anyone knows anyone who can Model, because we are in need of ship models.... In other words I will except any outside help at this point.......;)

HEY for those whoi have seen those have seen the new episode of Stargate Atlantis, "The Intruder" shouldn't read this Thread.

The F-302 has guns, Mass drivers, therefor my 20mm and 30mm guns are now canonized. I hope that more of our weapons will be canonized.

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