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FS2NetD / Voice files ?
« on: August 14, 2006, 03:57:51 PM »
I just dl'ed the valid multiplayer missions for FS2. I put them in Freespace/Data/Missions. They work fine, and loaded up and are all playable online.

Then I dl'ed the Voices's files that are supposed to go along with the missions. i.e. breifings and debriefings and such.

My questions is, Where do i put those files? I extracted them into the missions folder along with the misionsa I dl'ed. They extracted themselves into 3 seperate folders... Breifing, Debreifing, and Special. But when i play the dl'ed missions, they still have no voice. Am i putting these into the correct folder?

I am running a windows 2000pro machine.
I am using FS2_open_r_20060731 thru the FS2 OPEN launcher 5.3.

Please help if you can, becuase its hard to play in game without hearing the orders from command and such.

If I left out any helpfull info, letme know. I would like to resolve this problem.


FS2NetD / Account Questions
« on: August 07, 2006, 10:55:02 PM »
hi guys,

I got some questions about my account with FS2NetD. When I go to the access site to look at the point standings, My pilot name does not show up in the lists. Also when I join online thru PXO, I always get 'connection failed' when trying to connect. But even when it says 'connection failed', 9 out of 10 times I can see and join games in the server list.

My first account was under the name Deadly Gnat, I went thru all the confirmation e-mails and the access sit said I was Registered. I figured maybe becuase theres a space in the name, it may be cuaseing trouble with FS2NetD.

So I created a second account under the name Wasp, there again I went thru all the confirmation process and the site said I was Registered. But still I dont see either name in the pilots list , and I still have problems with the 'connection failed'  issue when trying to connect.

Earlier in this afternoon I was playing online with ToMCaT, and all was fine. Now my game wont connect with the server at all, and the aceess site says Deadly Gnat and Wasp are invailid pilot names....

Anyone have any Idea whats up? This is drivin me nuts, especially now that I had a taste for FS@ online.... I'm feenin here ;)

Thanks for any help guys,

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