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Freespace 2 MODing / a little something...
« on: September 06, 2009, 10:05:30 PM »
...oops, what happened to the topic? Does it start to hide (=replace by link) images for other people, too?

Well, anyway - thanks for the feedback, Star Dragon and gamingfan. :)

@Star Dragon:
Erm... none of my SSDs is organic in a way that I would know of - so I don't really see the point in your argumentation.
Except if you'd have referred to the Inferno with "monster", of course. Though the Inferno is a bomber, and I assumed "monster" as referring to ships usually refers to their size... ??

Thanks. But certainly, lots of other sites do have screenshots here and there - for example Hard Light Productions, the main Freespace fansite, does have pictures in quite several forum threads.
It's just that it's easier to attach the images here on GW, which is why I made this thread here, as I haven't yet found an external picture host that I'd quite like...
Though by now, it's also possible to attach pictures at HLP, though there's a limited space for it that'll likely be cleaned up every now and then... :-/

So anyway, some new info:

Firstly, last time I forgot to mention that I by now consider the Auroras' model to be mostly finished and started with UV-mapping it. But don't hold your breath, as that's quite a task on itself.

Secondly, there's two pictures of the current stage of my now textured Jalkehi. Problem is, I'll have to change the UV-map on this one, too, before I can continue texturing it.
Don't mind the small distortion on the large wings' markings in the first pic, though, as this just is the square where insignias should be placed on, and somehow it's UV-map also turned out a bit backwards.

And here's a reference picture of the original Jalkehi from Wing Commander 2 , taken with the WC2shipviewer that you can download at the WC CIC:

Then I also want to make a cockpit for the Inferno (yep, that's right :D) .
First, the basic geometric shape of the cockpit, elevated out of the main model:

And second, the WIP-version of it's pilot (which I actually did last sunday afternoon). Yes, I know it's still missing the legs:

On a sidenote, I'm using the following picture for reference, which I had downloaded in the early times of FS2 (file date is actually 12th February 2000) .
The problem is that I have absolutely no clue from where exactly I got this, but still would like to use it as pilot picture online, and maybe also as avatar in some forums.
It DOES look pretty much like a Volition picture, but I still think I got it from some community-site, though I don't have a clue which one that might have been.

So, if you should happen to know where this pic originated from, please let me share that knowledge:

Oh, and I also posted some short information about the campaign that my FS-themed models were initially thought for here .

Else than this:
Good night :) , as it seems even some Shivans DO need sleep ;) .


Freespace 2 MODing / Mods - Vasudans and Shivans
« on: September 06, 2009, 09:06:03 PM »
Erm... sorry - I haven't played too many user-made missions yet; actually only a part of the Inferno campaign and something else that is so old I can't really remember it.
So - from what mod is that "lost souls incident"?

And well, ... Other than that, I think I know the ships that are called "Nightmares" around here (I've been on a lookout for ship downloads a long time, though not during the last years), and though they seem nice, I currently don't know where to fit them into my storyline.

Actually I already do have my own (well, somewhat) concepts in mind for my new species - the problem is that I'll need to model them first, and I currently don't have too many time & nerves left besides RL(tm) .

As for this "somewhat"... :
There are also some Volition-sketches that I'd like to implement, specifically those which are listed here as "GVF Sentait", "GTC Caucasus" and the "Vasudan Super Carrier" .
I just don't really like the way the first two are assigned and done there - especially the concept that is called "GVF Sentait" there, is, in my opinion, fitting to neither Terran, Vasudan nor Shivan design lines (basicly, it resembles a cross-over from a hawk and a squid...) . Which is why I'd want to use it for one of my additional species.

Do you eventually know where I could find pics of the other two versions of the "Sentait" that are mentioned there? It'd save me some time if I only had to retexture it, but Venom's version that is shown there is too stretched for my liking...

I recently finally got an idea for a carrier that might fit to it design-wise, but given the unique design of the "Sentait", it's somewhat hard to think of more ships that share this style.

My second new species should get a completely new style, at least for it's fighters (roughly after a hammerhead shark).
About the capships I'm not yet sure, but initially I had intended something resembling the Son'a ships from Star Trek 9 - I quite like these designs :) .

I also had thought of a single model for a third species, which would roughly cross avian features with the features of a swimming bear... now DON'T you laugh, it's only a crude description! ;)
Though seeing said bear in some documentary actually was the initial inspiration for the design, I admit :D .

And the Dragon2 from my littleSomthing-thread would actually be for a supplementary 4th species, with others possibly following sometime.

As for the "Caucasus", the model there does look good, it's just that I'd like to use it for a Shivan fighter...
But still, do you have any clues who made the model that's pictured there?

I think I remember seeing a development thread for a model of this Vasudan Super Carrier over on HLP at some point of time, but I didn't bookmark it and don't really know how it turned out in the end...

Oh well, sorry for that long answer, I didn't really intend for it to become that long. :(


Freespace 2 MODing / a little something...
« on: August 23, 2009, 02:24:34 AM »
...oh well, so I'll add those, too.

And sorry for the multi-posting to everyone, but I hit the picture-limit last post.

So... a somewhat closer look of the SD:
...and a little closer even - do you see thelittle dot in front of the bridge??
...yep, here's that "dot" :

And yes, I tried to make all of these to-scale. That's also the reason for the different-sized Executors, as there are several different values for the Executor's size being quoted on many places.

Oh, and while I'm at it - a test for a shield, and a somewhat larger (rebel) laser blob:

Thank you, and good night :) from the Shivan collective :mad2: .
[end of transmission]

Freespace 2 MODing / Mods - Vasudans and Shivans
« on: August 23, 2009, 02:12:08 AM »
Hmm, should I ever get done creating the necessary models, I might try to make a campaign myself - actually I have a (only roughly detailed) background story since several years, and the FS-ships I'm modeling are thought for that storyline...

About a third to a quarter or so of the campaign should be told from the Vasudan side, though I admittedly haven't started on their ships yet :nervous: .
(needlessly to say, considering my sig, us' Shivans will also play a role a good deal of the time :devel: )

As for Shivan ships, I hope to continue my SB Inferno soon.

... and obviously, that campaign I'm thinking of is my view of the post-Capella storyline. Ahem - yap, guilty so to say :shaking: ;) .

And yep, it propably is too much for handling it alone (and I'd also need to create ships for at least 2 completely new species - *ugh* :shaking: ). But I don't feel like starting a team while I have yet so little done, also coordinating a team would take up a bit too much time for me currently, and additionally I do have some viewpoints implemented in the story-concept that many people might not like (e.g. Earth isn't necessarily well at the end of the campaign's story...) .
Though, that concept isn't exactly final yet.

Actually, I initially even wanted to make it a multi-side multiplayer campaign, but I now think that would likely cause a good deal TOO many branchings... :( - As well as propably spoiling some or even all surprises - it wouldn't exactly have been that great if you'd have played Shivans the first time you played FS, totally spoiling all mysteries; now would it?? ;) :biggrin1:

Anyway, as stated above I am nowhere near far enough for this to really be considered a project yet, so propably back on topic:

Yes, I too think that campaigns should keep both Shivans and Vasudans included in interesting ways.

Think about it - the thing that makes FS' story stand out is that the Shivans are NOT just evil swarmers flooding the galaxy and killing everyone else.
They DO cause lots of havoc, but that certainly isn't their main purpose, as both the ancient-cutscenes in FS1 and the "disappearing" of the Sathanas-fleet at the end of FS2 are showing, as well as the fact that humans&Vasudans could rise up at all after the Shivans already visited "known space" (sorry, I didn't want to connect this to Niven's book-series, but it seems to be the most fitting word), wiping out the ancients.

As for the Vasudans, they originally were enemies of the GTA in a very long-drawn war that was initially caused by cultural differences, so to say. AND they had those weird HoL-prophecies that somehow might connect them to the ancients.
So just using them as cannon-fodder-wingmen isn't really the best way to fit a story into the FS-universe, I'd guess...

Freespace 2 MODing / a little something...
« on: August 23, 2009, 01:28:04 AM »
As this is on-topic and my own thread so to say, I hope the admins won't ban me for necromancing it... :shaking:

Anyway, freespaceking just awoke me from my one-year long FS-slumber, which mostly had the same reasons as posted above, though additionally my FS-install stopped accepting the "-mod" argument, which pretty much scared me as that PC is pretty unstable to some games anyway... :nervous:
And I also had quite some trouble with my internet-connection AND setting up a new (used) internet-PC since the old one finally retired after 7 years of brave service ;) (including lots of updates of course, I guess the floppy drive might have been the only part I never exchanged) .

Now that I've installed FS2 on my secondary PC, and also finally broken up the SB inferno to use tS's mirror-modeler (which wasn't there in tS4, which I used for most of the Inferno's development cycle) , there should be at least a little more progress.
Not too much though, as there still is RL, and I also recently started a mod for Space Empires V and also started playing Sword of the Stars...

Now, as for updates:
I admittedly haven't done much FS-related during the last year, but at least my Jalkehi got a preliminary texture that I'm somewhat happy with, considering it's my first try at a self-painted texture - it will still need lots of detailing, though.
(sorry, the pics for that still are on my other PC, but I hope it won't take me a year this time to get them over)

And after mentioning the "breaking up" above, it admittedly wasn't that great of me to haven't posted the pics yet :nervous: ... So here you go, and please give feedback on it:

Current state of the model:
A look at its' silhouette from front and slightly right-below:
A look at the backside - not much done here yet:
And finally, the in my impression so far best looking screen with preliminary texture:

I also at some point finished the missile-tubes of the Aurora:
... and a short look into its' cockpit from outside:

As for Wing Commander ships, I started a Bloodfang Mk. I (the coloured thingy in the background is just a reference-screenshot from WC2, pasted onto a simple cube) :
... and a Shok'lar, though that one isn't very far yet (actually, it was my test at tS metaballs or some feature like that, and ended up having some disconnected polygons - yep, you can make them out pretty clearly in the pic) - the coloured thingy is a comparison-screenshot again, this time from WCArmada:

I also made a slightly larger version of my Stardestroyer, a bit more sleek, with a lot more hangars and a few... let's call them emitters :devel: (you know, slightly larger versions of these are on a well-known space-soccerball ;) ) :
And, finally, a pic of my would-be-200km-ship (the blue triangles are Executor-sketches, and if you look closely, you'll see the sketched version of an imperial-class SD as a white triangle - the sketched TIE-Fighter isn't visible, sadly ; maybe I should post a separate pic for that one...)   :
Note that this also was my first try at imitating special effects from within tS, for eventually making cutscenes one day... :nervous: It didn't work out too well, though :( .

So, have a happy sunday, thanks :) .

[end of translation of Shivan transmission :mad2: ]


... ;)


Polls / FreeSpace 1 or FreeSpace 2?
« on: August 22, 2009, 11:30:02 PM »
Well, in some way I like both very much (though I had stayed back for the last year , mostly for technical reasons :( and university) , BUT I really liked  the way that the FS1-campaign gave a credible feeling of being part of a force that's overwhelmed and encircled...

Of course, the Sathy fleet was positively scaring, and the FS2-cutscenes are great  -  actually just the same "we had a feeling we could defeat the Shivans throughout most of the game" that Tantalus53 feels positive, is what made me feel less involved during the FS2-campaign...

And concerning graphics atmosphere - that washed-out explosion shockwave from stock FS2 that looks somehow like algae was annoying me right from the start...
[edit: Oh, and to note that FS2 has the - in my view - worst ship design in the series - the Boanerges... :doubtful: ]

So, to conclude, my vote is for FS 1 . :cool1::yes:

Freespace 2 MODing / a little something...
« on: July 29, 2008, 11:25:11 PM »
...uhh, it seems I'm still alive so far :nervous: .

Had trouble with my PC, lots to do for Real Life (tm) ;) , and also some other games I'm interested in / modding.

Some progress has however been made, as follows:

-the Havoc's revamp has improved, especially the turrets are now done, leaving the missileboxes to do

-the Inferno has progressed quite a bit - it's symmetric now as planned, and in response to Trivial Psychic's objection, I've broken up the surface quite a bit...

-the as of yet unnamed stardestroyer has gotten a medium-sized "brother" with some rudimentary hangars cut into it

[edit: Just uploaded the Nightwing and Fireclaw again, this time at :) .]

Freespace 2 MODing / a little something...
« on: July 24, 2007, 07:33:57 PM »
No, haven't tried to yet - but then I'd think it might not be too compatible with the UV-mapping of those models... but maybe I'll try when I'm using 3D-shockwaves more often (I'm currently not using ANY MediaVP... *ooops* :blah: )

And what do you mean with hud and interface? What should I be doing to them in your opinion? Besides specifying some valid animations for them to prevent errors (and making some of the simpler ones)...

OK, I made a complete tech-ani for the Kilrathi Paktahn bomber once, but it was a real pain to make, and by now we anyway have the SCP-option to just use the model itself for them, so it isn't too likely that I'll make many more of them...

Besides, I dug out the .zip I assembled for the Nightwing when I first uploaded it to F2S about a year ago, here it is: STVsF Nightwing  v0.9 :biggrin1:
(as in the other thread, this link does NOT lead directly to the file, but instead to a webpage where the actual download-link will be shown after a minute of waiting ["looking at the ads"], as the filehost is ad-sponsored)

Also, I put 1 and a half starwars-themed models together this weekend, namely for one I started to make what I envisioned the Chiss Clawcraft to look like when I first read the books they were first mentioned in (this is the "half" model, as the wings/panels are still missing) - as it was compared to a TIE Defender there, and I also quite like that ship (having played Tie Fighter a bit TOO much... ;) ), it'll look more like a heavily modified T/D and not very much like the actual images of the Clawcraft that you can find on the covers of more recent books, as well as on the net.
The second model is a sort of streamlined/futuristic Stardestroyer, that doesn't have much details yet, but as the general shape is mostly completed, I hereby upload a few images of it :D :

It's supposed to be between 3 and 5.5 kilometers long, and has a bit of... functional resemblance to something starwars-fans might know as the "Eclipse" :naughty: ;o) , while being producable in larger numbers... *Devel*
Also, as you might have noticed, it has a few more shieldgenerators then the usual SD to reduce certain weaknesses... The imperial ship designers learned the hard way to think about such things, believe me (and I really mean the HARD way - this ship isn't related to the rather friendly General Pellaeon, you see...) .

If anyone has ideas about what sort of details to add to it, I could need some... :-)

Oh, and the assorted "main craft" I also do have an idea about, but I'll first have to think about how to realize it in tS... :-)
(oh, and being planned to span a length of about 200 km, the detailing of that will certainly prove to be a viable NIGHTMARE...)

Freespace 2 MODing / Shivan mod...
« on: July 24, 2007, 06:49:51 PM »
Somehow annoying that I can't edit my above post anymore :-/ ... but well, so I'll have to double-post, oh my :) .

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some people said the uploaded zip file would be corrupted. It shouldn't be, I even tried to download it myself and it was all fine.

(I hope I didn't overdo it with the capital letters, I just wanted to make sure nobody misses this :) . )

As for a more happy notion, I just uploaded version 1.1 of the mod (again, PLEASE DON'T DOWNLOAD THE HTML PAGE, BUT RATHER VISIT IT ! :) ) , mostly "fixing" leaks in the shield by applying the "surface shields"-flag, implementing beam ranges, and solving an annoying exploit that you could launch lots and lots of fighters (until the game reached its max number of ships and crashed, of course) while your launch bays/secondaries actually were reloading...

Oh, and only one of the missions is up-to date, as is described in the readme. Updating the others will come at a later stage, so for now if you want to fly another one then the standard mission, you'll have to see which mission works, and if, how.

I might also have confused the Ravana's beam-turrets by something I tried to add (i.e. the beam turrets quite likely won't fire), if that's a problem to you either continue using version 1.0 or wait for version 1.2 :) .

Freespace 2 MODing / a little something...
« on: July 17, 2007, 03:32:48 AM »
Hi. :-) .

First, as someone requested it over at HLP, I packaged the Fireclaw (Pegasus Reskin) :


Also, I remembered that I already had uploaded some files elsewhere:

1) the texture improvements:

2) a reworked FS1-style explosion ani  (not that it would really still be needed, given the 3D-shockwaves we have nowadays...)  :

3) the Nightwing also was uploaded to F2S, but they seem to have deleted it... I'll re-upload it elsewhere shortly.

4) a new multiplayer mission idea (was uploaded to the HLP download section which seems to have been removed - the whole section, I mean :eek2: ) - dogfighting in the midst of a REAL battle. Now will you try to score, or rather help your side gain an advantage in the battle? ;)   This I'll also re-upload soon (i.e. within the next 3 to 7 weeks... :nervous: well, I AM slow with this, sorry).

Finally, I also continued work on the Inferno a bit... though I have to admit, the previous shots were made up from only one half of the model, the other half wasn't so far yet (though the combined version I showed exported to .pof nicely, it might show up some not-so-nice lighting issues...).
So I started resolving that and while thus symmetrizing the model I stumbled above the following  (first pic - completed side; second pic - "accident")  :


Now I'm somewhat unsure how to continue, as this "accident" does look quite good, I think - though maybe a bit too Terran.
So, could you please give some feedback as to what you do think about this? Thanks in advance :) .

Freespace 2 MODing / Shivan mod...
« on: July 17, 2007, 03:11:40 AM »
Hi :) .

I put the following together over the weekend:

It's a small mod and mission that lets you command a SD Ravana... :devel: :cool1:
   (note: the SEXPs in the mission are are needed, the mod alone will not do everything for you if you want to base anything off this)

Oh, and it needs the SCP - I tested it with version 3.6.9rc7dot9x .

There is still much room for improvements (as can be read in my included todo-list...), but it already works quite fine :-D .

Note of advice:  DO READ the readme! I can't cover everything here. Still, I may warn you that having too many fighters "in the air" at once WILL crash FS - so just keep yor reserves till you need them. Having 16 fighters (plus the independent Manticore wing) "in the air" at one time did work for me... :D :ha:

Freespace 2 MODing / a little something...
« on: June 11, 2007, 01:19:22 AM »
Nice opinion :) .

But as always, such things are left to the modder's discretion ;) :p .
Personally, I like the idea about piloting a fighter that's also able to enter an atmosphere, but on the other hand I have to admit that
1) space is quite large and planets are mostly tiny blobs in it that you'll usually only see from afar; and
2) Shivans are not at all interested in planets ('xcept wiping the odd homeworld... ;o) ) so you're even less likely to be near a planet when fighting Shivans (or being one :devel: ).

And thus, as all those fighters and bombers are most likely to nearly never get near a planet - or at least only very rarely -, it's technically the best idea to optimize most of them for space-only combat. But, as FS teaches us "expect the unexpected" (like most [good] Science Fiction does), it'd be wise to also have some atmosphere-capable craft ready in case you should need them (e.g. to guard evacuations from a planet under heavy attack - uh, ... some planet called "Vasuda Prime" maybe? ;o) ).

So - keep it in your mod(s) as you wish :) , but I really think :V: was good off at making the FS1 and FS2 craft almost entirely space-optimized :-) .

Freespace 2 MODing / a little something...
« on: June 11, 2007, 12:55:51 AM »
Quote from: takashi;74423
the only true ship desing is a small twig with guns.

Wrong. It's a point with guns :ha: ;) . Though it'd be pretty hard to get a pilot into it... :lol:

Oh, and there should also be a high-poly Dragon available since a while... I made those texture improvements  ( only texture, so I anyway wouldn't compare it with the HTL-models )  quite a while ago (2 years maybe?); they're kinda outdated :-( .

@Unknown Target:

I know the issue... I really like the FS-"spacy" look of ships that somewhat resemble planes, but actually have much thicker wings - I just don't get any good ideas for it, sadly :-( . Thus I'll have to make do with what I do have ideas for.
Btw., I did change the new Aurora so it fits better. It's just that the general concept with those "pre-wings" (the plates besides the cockpit) makes it kinda hard to implement it well... :sigh:
But don't think I'm Khan from Star Trek 2... I do know that space has 3 dimensions ;o) .
And takashi's right - as the Shivan that I am :devel: , I've now and again tried to chase down a few Nightwings... they're really damned hard to hit from behind  (the pics don't really show just how flat they really are); and as I've made them quite fast and nimble too ( not too much, but more fitting to a light fighter then to a heavy one ), its not that easy to get a better vector on them...

Btw. - "Inspired by Cylons"...? Rofl ;o) . Though, lemmesee... maybe there really is something us' (meaning the Shivans) can learn from them?? The idea of EMP-beams I got yesterday might be a start for this... ;oD  (just hope it'll work)

Freespace 2 MODing / a little something...
« on: June 06, 2007, 10:56:49 AM »
...and another double-post, thank to the picture-limit. :-/

A few recent pics of the new Aurora (yep, the green one ;) ) :

First, a look from and into the inside :-) :
(I cut some bars out for the outside pic, so one can see the whole cockpit interior - which is, as I must admit, not too much right now... I'll add some pipes and some more consoles later on)

Second, the engine section:

Third, some general views:
I added some more engines (reason: see below), and those two white boxes are going to be additional missilebanks - once I figure out how I want them to look, that is...

And lastly a somewhat older pic - @The Trivial Psychic: Yep, from that angle and at that point of the design process, I too thought it looked more like a shuttle ;-) ... but with the recently added engines it looks much better I think (see above)

As for other things, here are some effects (left - Reaper, right - Photon) I made for WCS which they propably no longer use.
(well, maybe a derivative of the Photon one, but I don't know; and that derivative was so reduced in resolution that it'd be a shame to hold the original back because of it... :-/   - But I'd really need to install their demo finally, both to see how it got, and to see what they are currently using... sadly my PC doesn't seem to be too fond of FS so I'll wait a little while with that and see to get some virtualization software running)

That's it for now... I hope the WCS crew has no problems with the WC-stuff I posted here. If they do, of course it'll be removed - be it by me or by an admin. If they don't, though, you can use those two effects in your mods, as long as you give credit :-) .

Else then that, I hope you like my pics/models... And as said at the start, please leave some feedback :) .

[edit: Oops, I forgot these two:
The first one is a try to add a third arm to the Lucifer, like it has in the concept-pics. Sadly trueSpace corrupted it's UV-mapping :-/ . Well, eventually I'll try it again (just remembered that I don't NEED to connect that arm to the main geometry - oops)...
The second one shows a slight texture improvement I made for the Dragon and the Pegasus. The Dragon is outdated by now as at that point I didn't know of the higher-res FS1 textures; anyway I only made the cockpit darker so one really does notice it (the cockpit). As for the Pegasus, I replaced it's cockpit texture with that from it's tech render - I really was shocked at how much more real it looks with that... :nervous: :cool1: ]

Freespace 2 MODing / a little something...
« on: June 06, 2007, 10:31:45 AM »
Yup, that I am ;-) . So, some more stuff (and please give some feedback on it :) ) :

First off - the Havoc, a modern Shivan fightercraft, and somewhat special in it's equipment... :devel: :
The concept-idea basically is a cross-over of the Cain/Lilith cruisers with a Boron Octopus from X-Tension (gotta install this again to finally get me that Paranid Prometheus... :naughty: ). It's currently in a re-design  (second pic, the missileboxes and some other stuff still need some work)  , as the original version wasn't that pretty geometry-wise (and also wasn't textured completely...)

Second, a concept I call myself "Dragon 2", which is basically the try to create a crossover of the Wing Commander Dragon and the Homeworld 1 fighters. Currently, it's sort of stuck in early alpha-stage... :-/ :

Third, there's a Shivan heavy stealth fighter called "Haunter"... it'll need a serious redo, as it's the 2nd 3D-model I made, and both far too simple and with a totally screwed-up UV-map (or would you have recognized the texture basically consists of parts of the SB Seraphim's texture? :wtf: ) :

Fourth, there's an old GTA beam-bomber called "Thor". It too uses a pretty old 3D-model (my 3rd) and was created before the SB Vindhyachal (just to say - no, I didn't "steal" or copy the idea - though it's a pretty straight one and one shouldn't wonder several people got it...)
In the second pic, there's also an old version of the Nightwing to be seen, without tiling. I added this later so there's at least a bit to see of it's hull... ;-)

Fifth, there is a pic of the Jalkehi-model I once created for WCS, but they never wanted it - so I guess I'm free to post it here:
I also have slightly textured version of it somewhere, though that texture is pretty basic. And despite not being textured, it otherwise is completely working in-game, even with LODs :-) . Only insignia I couldn't get working as I wished...

I also made a slightly changed, backwards flying version of the SB Taurvi, as that's how I initially perceived it should fly when I first saw it's image on the FS2-box.But as I didn't change too much on the model and most people here quite likely know how a Taurvi looks like, there is no point in uploading a pic of it, ist there? :-)

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