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Tmp2 / BSG Season 4.5 may not air until April 2009
« on: September 02, 2008, 10:56:03 PM »
See, the problem is, Sci-Fi doesn't have enough good shows in order to warrant actually watching it. So by the time the January 2009 airdate comes around, I'll probably miss it because I've moved on to other things.

Sci-Fi really needs to realize that the world does not revolve around it and its schedule.

So...Neo is the last Cylon, and Battlestar Galactica actually found earth after the war with the Machines.

That would make a strange amount of sense.

I don't think it's a false earth, either.

Quote from: Rauko;103710
Not picking on Calantyr in specific, just saying this to start so theres no confusion.

I keep hearing this same sentiment, that somehow they are breaking out of the cycle...

If the ending is a literal interpretation of that phrase (that I'm not even going to repeat because it's so cliche by now), I will be enormously disappointed. To me, that's not an ending. It's essentially saying that the characters' actions were predestined so, essentially, the entire series was meaningless.

I would much rather see an ending where the cost of solving the conflict is so high, and so great, that we as an audience question whether the sacrifice was worth it or not. Or a tragic ending where all of the humans and rebel Cylons die, but somehow the Centurions retain some memory of what happened and there are overtures to an overthrow.

Something that wraps the series up, not something that coyly evades a definite ending. There've been way too many episodes in the series that've been like that for them to end it like that.

Quote from: Deckard;103475
By the way... what could be the feelings of the ISS dudes looking at the Colonial Fleet arriving and jumping in orbit?

"Oh, thank God. Now I don't have to come up with a story to explain how we broke the toilet again."

Not to mention having his wife threatened by his CO after striking for poor labor conditions, after living on Cylon-occupied New Caprica, after striking on New Caprica for poor working conditions, after being thrown in the brig and almost getting executed for preventing rape, after finding out that his ex-girlfriend is a Cylon, after she tried to kill herself, after getting marooned after crash-landing on Kobol, after most of Galactica's pilots die in an accident on his hangar deck, after breaking up with his girlfriend, after being investigated for being a traitor, after having his deck crew devastated by fires and humanity getting decimated by mass nuclear strikes.

Yeah Tyrol's had a pretty bad last couple of years compared to most people.

Man, that blow to the back of Baltar's head must have been really satisfying.

Kara's Viper had to come from somewhere, right?

So what if the portal/wormhole that her Viper came through also let the music through - thus, the four were activated, but then the portal closed, the music stopped, and the Viper no longer showed the Earth signal. So when it got checked out, it didn't show anything, but once the fleet got close enough, the Viper began receiving the signal directly.

In a delicious irony, what if the event that brought Kara there also nuked Earth? A strong EMP is a signature effect of a nuclear device. Probably not the direction the show is going to go, but it would be interesting nonetheless...

Her visions might've only just given her images. All of the four so far were on New Caprica. Presumably the Cylons would've had records on all of them.

D'anna is not a reliable source. Ergo, there may be a fifth in the fleet, but D'anna has her own reasons for keeping it quiet. She did say that she thought the only way to keep alive was through her knowledge of the Five.

3: "Adama's bluffing! I spent all of an hour with him once filming a documentary. I know him!"
Baltar: "Excuse me, but they brought me, of all people, to point out that you might be making a poor decision..."


Tmp2 / Portable BtRL
« on: June 13, 2008, 10:46:09 AM »
It shouldn't be that hard to have a -portable line for the EXE that disables the registry, or something similar. It already routes things to the config file under Linux, so the code/abstraction is there.

I am not sure that it's the most forwards-compatible solution since the plan is to move to some kind of config file as the primary option in the future.

Quote from: Crixx;102921
I liked the fact that it wasn't just generic "fuck yeah, let's kill some toasters!" music. The music reflects the consequences of destroying the hub, and the fact that the events happening have the possibility of leading to tragedy.

Therefore instead of the usual drums, we get a more orchestral tune to convey that this isn't like the battles we've seen before. This isn't just repelling Cylons in a brash maneuver - this is the death knell of Cylon Ressurection and the beginning of something that could turn out to have dire consequences.

As you can probably tell, i'm not exactly a music professional :p , but this is what I experienced from the music in this episode.


Quote from: Angreifer;102268
I think you may be confused. The Eight that confronted Helo is NOT Athena; at that moment, Athena is back on Galactica cooling her heels in the brig. The Eight that interacts with Helo is just another Eight, but one that had tapped into Athena's memories at some point and so had understanding.

Doh, you're totally right.

Quote from: Enki;102256
Other than Athena and Boomer, the Eights are a pathetic bunch unwilling to commit to something strongly enough to understand what betrayal even is.  Athena Wannabe Eight didn't even put up a strong objection.  D'Anna was right, "... until they see something shiny."

Athena spent a year in a cage and went to New Caprica in order to gain what freedom she has now. I don't find it all that surprising that she didn't put up a struggle. She's technically part of the military too, so she falls under Roslin's jurisdiction. Pulling a gun on Helo wouldn't serve any useful purpose. The humans would never trust her, it could lead to the Cylons deserting or imprisoning all the humans onboard or launched from the ship, and she wouldn't be trusted by either side. She'd effectively be a triple agent, and the Rebels have already been burned by one traitorous Eight.

Tmp2 / Season 4 Ep 7 Discussion *Spoilers*
« on: May 29, 2008, 01:37:20 AM »
It's not like the Colonial Admiralty is going to reprimand Adama for his breach of protocol.

He could probably get on the comms and yell "Shit! We got motherfrakkin' Cylons!" and it would have the same effect. :p

Tmp2 / Ron D. Moore Podcasts
« on: May 28, 2008, 06:30:22 AM »
Quote from: Lepton;101222
I'm sorry.  I think you meant when they kill off a major character then bring them back under mysterious circumstances and the character is somehow mysteriously changed as has happened in every soap opera and day time drama known to Man.  That's what you meant.  My apologies.

You know, it might make a little more sense if this show you were complaining about weren't a remake of a much older (albeit less-recognized) show, with many directly analogous plotlines...

But that important point being made, it does seem a little cliche'd to kill a character and bring them back in a SciFi series. It's been handled a lot differently than, say, Star Trek, though.

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