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Post by: FusionStorm on December 18, 2004, 01:20:16 AM
Here is what will go at the starting of the campaign (WARNING EXTREMELY LONG POST)
For some of you that has not seen it on SG, Hope MP don't ban me for this long post. :D

7 Years Ago

A crackeled voice comes thru the communications hub. "This is GTVA Command we need to speak with the captain", "Roger that Command he is in his office" says Navigations Officer Rod Zachs "This is Rod captain, Command needs to speak with you right away" he says over the intercomm. "Roger, that" says Capt. Jake Roberts as he sits up fully in his chair" even tho he hadn't got any sleep since the terrible news of the Colossus going down, He still quickly stands up and heads to the bridge. He walks into the main deck and sits down in the captain's chair. "Command this is Roberts" he says in a tired voice." In twelve hours we are sending a destroyer filled with meson warheads to collapse the jump node leading to Capella. We want you to stay in the system Vega, and await orders. Is that clear Captain?"

 Roberts stands and says "Pefectly Clear" As Command signs off he can't help but wonder in his mind, that if we destroyed the Knossos insead of exploring it, we wouldn't have lost the Colossus and all of its crew. As he thinks, the GTCv Rapier sends in a message after jumping into Vega "This is the Rapier we have attained moderate damage please assist" Robert's look changes, he looks at his flight deck officer and says"launch the Knights". Down below in the flight deck, the message comes thru, Wing Leader Andy Robinson shouts over the intercomm "Pilots of the Knights report to the fight deck SAP!" In two minites the 122th Black Knights scream out of the hangar, "Ok, Rapier you're in good hands now" says Robinson, soon as he gets it out of his mouth, a wing of Basilisks and a wing of Nehemas jump in. "Engage all" Shouts Robinson as they push their Myrmidons to the limits. The shivan fighters had no chance as the elite pilots shot down one after another, until there are none left."Thanks Vega", in relief says the captain of the Rapier."What is a corvette doing out here alone?" Asks Roberts. "We are part of the Twenty-Third Terran battle fleet, comanding ship the GTD Pheros". Roberts sits back hard in his chair "What became of the Fleet?". The Rapier's captain's voice changes full sorrow "They were all destroyed by the SD Valgarion, while protecting convoys". Shock fills Robert's face as he trys to hold off the tears welling up in his eyes. "Whats wrong captain?" says Rod." My wife and daughter served on the Pheros" say Roberts as anger rose in his heart.

 He stands up hard and the whole crew hears the anger in his voice and says " Turn this ship around!" As the crew looks in astonishment. "But, captain" says Rod and Roberts cuts him off "I said turn this ship around!" "yes sir" says Rod. Robinson see's the Vega turning around and asks"Whats happening" Roberts says "All fighters return to the bay" Robinson anwsers "We can't leave the Rapier out here like this" as his tone deepens." I have called in the GVD Dorrus, it will be here in 3 minutes. We must go before they can stop us" "Roger that" says the Knights as they go back into the Vega's bay. Right before the Vega engages it subspace drive they get one last message from the Rapier "Get Vengence".The Vega speeds up and the subspace portal opens and they are gone.

Arriving in Capella in 3...2...1..The Vega thunders into Capella, "Long range sensors are showing the Valgarion three klicks out" says Mark Freeman the Weapons officer "estamated time till firing range 1 minite. "Power up all Beam cannons, gunners report to flak cannons" Roberts says over the intercomm. The Valgarion a Ravana class destroyer turns and faces the Vega, "The Valgarion is preparing to fire", "How long till were in weapons range!" shouts Roberts, "10 seconds sir". Two big white lights shine and get brighter and release a beam of super charged energy, they inpact the Vega's side blowing away part of the hull."How much damage have we recieved" shouts the capt., "Hull down to 79%", "Were in firing range sir, firing primary beams now" Freeman says. Three turrets fire away sending Beams of green light hiting the Valgarion, "How much damage hve we inflicted?" "The Valgarion's hull is at 54% sir. "Sir we have fighters and bombers closing in" says Freeman "Send out every fighter we have". Fighters blast out of the Vega's ship bay, Robinson talks over the commlink "All pilots the bombers are the prority, get them first". Back on the Vega the whole ship shakes after being hit with another round of beams, "Our hull is at 32% we won't stand another attack" the captain thinks and says"Raise the power on the beams to highest setting!" "But, sir we will lose power to the engines and we may cause our reactor to meltdown!" the captain looks eye to eye and says "We have no other choice, obey your orders" as they turn the power up on the beams the light flicker on and off the captain speaks one last order "Fire!".

 The cannons strain under the extreme power, the muzzle glow turns red and they release three huge lines of green. Insead of hitting the hull the Valgarion, they blow right thru it.Right behind a Astaroth, Robinson pulls the trigger, the lasers hit the shields, but he can see them weakening, the Astaroth hits it afterburners.Being a faster ship the Astaroth speeds away from the slower Myrmidon, Robinson looks down and finds he still has one Harpoon left, as the missle locks on he fires it. The missile quickly catches the tiny shivan fighter and dives into it hull, the Astaroth disentegrates under the force of the explosion, but then he looks at the Valgarion. Sensors show that the Reactor has been breeched, Robinson quickly tells all the fighters to hit their afterburners and get away form the Valgarion.The massive vessel leaking fire from the huge holes in it side,as a explosion ripples across its hull, and it explodes with a huge shockwave. A shout of hurrays fill the Vega, the captain on the other hand just sits down in his chair and says "Vengence is bittersweet" all of a sudden Robinson says over the communications hub "Their are eight transports coming toward us, Terran config." The lead transport sent a message saying "We owe you our lives, The Valgarion was standing in our way to get out of Capella, We made the decsion to make a run for it, even tho we knew we would not have much of a chance, Our cargo is over 200,000 civillains, we also picked up a escape pod from the Pheros" "This is Captain Roberts of the GTD Vega, it was our duty" the transport responds 'We have a girl on board thet came in the escape pod, says her father is the Captain of the Vega" as the captain hears these word for the first time in days shows a smile"It looks like to you whom I owe the thanks."
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Paragraphs! *squints*
Post by: Axem on December 18, 2004, 02:10:28 AM
Pfft, that'd hardly a long post. Like Random Arceihn said, just really in need of paragraphs.

(Ponders posting 24-page script of the adventures of crap cable news :drevil: )
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That any better?
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It's better, but technically in all grammar naziness, whenever someone new talks, you're supposed to start a new paragraph. I could go further, but that would probably be annoying.

As for the story itself, certainly looks interesting. Might make a nice mission too, although there wan't any mention of fighters.
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I mentioned fighters somewhere in there. I have more to put too.
Post by: Axem on December 18, 2004, 02:36:50 AM
So there are, oops. :p
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I forgive you Axem, I am the forgiving moderator :lol: ,

Well, this part is different than above, different time and place.7 years after Capella. And forgive my Grammar mistakes.

Date: 2/01/2374
Log: GTD Vega, Orion Class Destroyer
Ribos System

The first of Feburary, the day draws closer that some has been waiting for, or dreading for years. I on the other hand don't know what to fill like. They are making the final ajustments on the "Gate". Even tho I long to go back to the planet that I grew up on with my family.I still fear for what we may uncover. As some say if we never entered Subspace in the first place we would still be on Earth. Some call us crazy, the ones that have never seen the planet Earth. They are content to live on the other planets. But, they are not our home and never will be. Some fear we will again awaken the Shivans, a power we will not be abel to stop this time. And as I write this log, tension is growing. Whole battlegroups breaking off from the GTVA fleeing into deep space and there has also been word of the NTF slowly growing in the shadows.People are scared, fleeing like birds in the face of a Storm. At this very time we have recieved a order to join them in Delta Serpintis.Therefore my heart is torn in two different directions, why on one hand I want to go home and see the planet's green trees and white snow and hear the booming of thunder once more, but the fear in my heart grows as each hour passes that we will unlock something that has been dorment for 39 years.
Post by: FusionStorm on December 31, 2004, 05:15:05 AM
Thought I would post another log of my storyline.

Date: 2/03/2374
Log: GTD Vega, Orion Class Destroyer
Delta Serpintis System

We have just arrived in the  Delta Serpintis system as ordered by GTVA Command. The people on our ship are on the edge. Emotions are running wild. Our Navigation officer broke down this morning and had to be restained in the sick bay. I try to be strong for my crew, but I don't know how long I can keep this up. They encountered a problem while working on the gate, its testing has been set back a few days and we keep steping up defences because of pressure from terrorists. The new NTF is becoming more of an issue, The GTD Fortress and the GTD Nocturne has not reported in the last few days. We figue that they have defected to the NTF. As we prepare for war once more, the morale of our troops decline. But, this time we have no Colossus to fall back on.If we go to War there will be tremendoes lose of life, maybe as high as the Great War.

Capt. Jake Roberts  "End Log"
Post by: willy_principal on December 31, 2004, 05:17:56 AM
excellent plot...i like it...
Post by: FusionStorm on January 01, 2005, 10:18:34 PM
The Next log in my plot.

Date: 2/08/2374
Log: GTD Vega, Orion Class Destroyer
Beta Aqiulae System

At 11:00 hours we activated the Gate in the Delta Serpintis system.It worked wonderfuly setting up a Subspace Vortex to the SOL system. But, something went wrong, 8 out of 12 destroyers in the area defected to the NTF. We lost the GTC Viper, the GTC Wolf, and the GTD Vanitta. We barely escaped suffering only slight damage. We lost 12 fighter wings, and 6 bomber wings. We also lost our Ace pilot and leader of our fighter wing, The Back Knights, Andy Robinson. But, we have some reports that some of our fighters made it into the Subspace vortex before it was closed. In total with have lost an estimated 42,000 servicemen and women. The NTF are demanding that we withdraw all our fighters and warships out of the vacinity. Lead by Admiral Kres Morgan of the NTF Nocturne they are growing in size and strength by the hour.We have no idea why they attacked the subspace gate, the might use it for a negotiating stone or maybe the idea of Neo Terra was not true and there is something in SOL they want. But as of 14:00 hours the GTVA is now at war. We have started the Draft of every man over 16 years of age.The estimate from Command say that the total lose of life in this war will be in the millions. And like I felt in my heart when we started this project, this has split the GTVA in different directions. Was Command wrong for even attemping the project? Are was I wrong for not trying to stop it? But I do know this, I am tired of war and at the end of this if I still live I will turn in my resignation. But, intil then we must fight harder than ever, and see that this is the end of the NTF. Therefore I Capt. Jake Roberts of the GTD Vega ready my Mind, Body, and Crew for this long and hard conflict.

Capt. Jake Roberts  "End Log"