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Title: news
Post by: Nuke on April 26, 2005, 08:03:15 PM
i worked of a few vwep models for the gatling guns. modeling/texturing is done. i still have to scale them properly and recompile the ships to be compatable with the new system. no screenies yet.
Title: news
Post by: Axem on April 26, 2005, 09:40:15 PM
Due to a massive hard drive failure, all progress on the campaign is on hold for 4-8 weeks until those silly manufacturers send a replacement motherboard and hard drive. Cause right now I'm on a 200Mhz machine without enough HD space to even install FS2 Retail.
Title: news
Post by: Axem on June 04, 2005, 10:32:36 PM
My computer's up and running (finally), so work on the campaign is restarting again!

Title: news
Post by: Nuke on June 05, 2005, 08:59:30 AM
cool, pretty soon il have another better computer, yay :D

athlon 64 3500+ clawhammer
1 gb system memory pc3200
geforce 6600 pci-x 16 w/ 256mb ddr
msi mobo w/ ati radeon express 200 chipset
160gb hatachi sata150 hd
16x dvd burner

on a side note i got the coders to fix the vwep bug thats been holding up progress. id like to see a few more features though, like vwep working in the loadout/techroom interface so the ships dont look so neutered without their gunz. :D
Title: news
Post by: Axem on July 12, 2005, 03:44:33 AM
Update on the campaign for anyone interested.

I've finally finalized the final story outline and all mission outlines (maybe). So the FREDding can get roaring! Missions 1 and 3 are nearly complete. 4 and 5 are about half done. 6 and 8 are started, and 7 is... off in a void somewhere. Meanwhile number 2 is waiting for multidocking to get fixed. Missions 9 through 24 are still on paper... well, digital paper... see? :p

Clickly clicky! (

Depending on how stuff goes, I might release the campaign Act by Act instead of all at once. Each Act would be 8 missions long, with 3 Acts all together.

That would really depend on the weapons getting balanced by then though. *hint hint* ;)
Title: news
Post by: Taristin on July 12, 2005, 04:04:41 AM
They can't be all that good, one line descritions are never desriptive enough :p You cheat. :p
Title: news
Post by: Axem on July 12, 2005, 04:26:37 AM
Descriptive enough for me. :p I'm the only person who needs to make sense of them.
Title: news
Post by: Grug on July 12, 2005, 01:45:41 PM
Is that in keynote?

I plan on using keynote for unit when I start. :)
Title: news
Post by: Axem on July 12, 2005, 03:33:41 PM
Yup yup. All in Keynote. I use it for everything. ;)
Title: news
Post by: Nuke on July 16, 2005, 12:53:35 AM
oh yea, the mod. i guess with all the dating lately my minds been elsewhere. anyway ive sorta decided to stick with features supported by the next offitial release. weapon models will be fully supported. which means the weapons system will probiubly be totally rethought out. smaller guns will be more interchangeable, big guns will be mostly used in an anti capitol role and have lower ammo caps while retaining their punch. the 100mm guns will be weakend down abit. i also might switch from the 50mm,100mm,150mm, and 200mm calibur system to a more realistic 12mm, 30mm, 60mm, 110mm.
Title: news
Post by: Grug on July 16, 2005, 11:46:48 AM
Sounds good. ^_^
Title: news
Post by: Nuke on August 05, 2005, 07:14:27 AM
it looks like my work season is spirriling down again. so soon i guess i will get back on the ball and start modding again.
Title: news
Post by: Nuke on November 30, 2005, 11:35:39 AM
Current events:

well i finished the final touches on the phoenix model (first lod anyway), mainly smooth grouping, i made a full hierarchy version of the testing compile, for when the code gets patched to handel it.

i was looking at various models trying to decide what my next project will be, realised i need to texture optimise and configur alot of them for the vwep system, and cockpits as well. im currently working on the sepulture's cockpit after that il recompile all already cockpitted ships for use with vwep system. my goal is to get every pirate ship cockpitted and vwep enabled then move on to improving the rumrunner, which will be detailed better, will get new launch doors and will replace alll its tiles with a proper texture. in other words im finishing the existing pirate fleet. if im feeling really productive il lod and dibrits them as well.

i got me a copy of fraps which seems to run incredibly well on my computer. so im thinking of splicing together a little promotional video. im gonna be lesurly recording video from some test missions i made. im probibly gonna do fast cuts so i really dont need any overly complex scenes, so i think i should be able to handel all the work on that. also il need to get some more of the vwep work done for the "gatling guns are cool" shots.
Title: news
Post by: Axem on December 01, 2005, 03:21:30 AM
Yay trailer. I got half written trailer script for CoS, but that's far away still. I really really hope to get ARX27 done by the end of the year, and then kick into super FREDding mode to get the whole thing done by June/July.
Title: news
Post by: Nuke on December 01, 2005, 07:56:06 AM
Quote from: Axem
Yay trailer. I got half written trailer script for CoS, but that's far away still. I really really hope to get ARX27 done by the end of the year, and then kick into super FREDding mode to get the whole thing done by June/July.

i think il try to meet that deadline so im gonna try to release beta 2 by then. im gonna recompile all ships for vwep and try to get cockpits in as many as i can, as well as optimizations whenever possible. stuff like hi-poly dante interior, the pirate base and the carrier varient of the ragnarok can hold off till after beta 2. i guess that puts lods and debrits somewhare in the middle. with the amount of work i doubt that will get done unless i can get a moddeler or two to do some polychopping for us. one thing is for sure is that when it gets done the mod will progress from a beta to a full version

beyond the actual 1.0 mod release, i want to add a soundtrack, better sfx, maybe some voice acting, as well as new ships as they pop into my head and continual revisions to old models. i also want personafied player models for the main characters, might see if i can dig up a character artist for that, or take on the chalenge myself. as for voiceacting im not going to take the traditional aproach of recriutment, rather i will do as mindcrime did, he is famous for the 4 hour long machineime "the seal of neharah", for the quake engine, which takes place in the quake universe btw. see he did all the voiceacting himself my faking numourous different accents. it was rather convincing albeit comical. il probibly tweak the mission scripts abit for dramatics. this is of course all in my head, il need to get some somewhat decent recording mics and a better soundcard, which i cannot currently afford.

now comes the question as to what time we should put out a promotional vid, as soon as possible, so as to get more people involved in the mod, or between the next beta and the full release. the video will be better as time progressis, as content gets refined, however we would loose any binifit of community support which could speed up mod development if we wait till the last minute. i guess the promotianal video will be created at my lesure, like the rest of the mod :D
Title: news
Post by: Axem on December 02, 2005, 12:16:11 AM
If you need a modeller to help you out, I can give some help. :)

Your idea for voice acting is interesting, but quickly looking at my notes, CoS would need atleast 10 unique voices (including 2 feminine voices). But ARX27 might be an interesting experiment for that idea, there's not too many real characters in there.
Title: news
Post by: Nuke on December 02, 2005, 01:28:06 AM
Quote from: Axem
If you need a modeller to help you out, I can give some help. :)

Your idea for voice acting is interesting, but quickly looking at my notes, CoS would need atleast 10 unique voices (including 2 feminine voices). But ARX27 might be an interesting experiment for that idea, there's not too many real characters in there.

mindcrime managed at least 20, but there wasnt a single female in the movie. now i know a pair of finish chicks online who have a band and therefore access to proper recording equipment. perhaps i can get them to cover those female voices. its a longshot though. with all the image editing ive done for them i think they owe me a favor. i could probibly do 5 voices off the bat, others id have to work with. i know another irl who studies acting, she gave me some pointers for doing a scottish accent, maybe i can ask her for some more tips. voice acting really isnt a priority at the moment.

btw if youre intrested:
the movies in there. iirc you need a copy of quake for it to work. they also did a mod to continue from where the movie left off, both were fairly intresting.
Title: news
Post by: Nuke on December 22, 2005, 01:52:25 PM
im getting ready to upload a few new models to the ftp. updates will include the following:

sepuelture fighter now has a cockpit (and an awesome one at that), and i did a texture merge so it now only uses one set of maps. also new gatling system ready.

chimera recompiled for new gatling system, also fixed some texture bugs.

hi poly shagrath! albeit a minor improvement. also made a new high res texture and set it up to use the new guns.

also fixed some minor model/texture bugs on the chimera and its ready for new guns.

also will include 2 new gatling models, ive finished one and the other needs texturing. after thats done i will make some new table entries and upload to the ftp. all should be up in the next couple of days.

my next project will be to put a cockpit in the vulture and fix any bugs it may have, and of course rig it for the new guns. the apis, maelstrom, and nemesis will need to be reconverted and i need to make one more gatling model for the maelstrom. i may also get the rumrunner revisions in before beta2 as well. id like to get it all done before my new girlfriend gets back from christmas vacation, but i doubt it. at least you get some new stuff to play with :D. post beta 2 il make a few more remakes, the 3rd vesion of the ragnarok (and shine/glow/env maps for all 3), finish that pirate base, and most importantly, get everything lod-ed. then a few effects, and table edits and wel have a campaign. eventually il post all my lod0s in 3ds and cob and ask people if they want to contribute :D
Title: news
Post by: Nuke on July 03, 2006, 07:57:47 AM
doing a little housekeeping of the nukemod forum. consolidating any screenshots into the offitial screenshot thread, removing old update threads, killing threads that arent really usefull and such.
Title: news
Post by: Nuke on September 28, 2006, 02:38:57 PM
well ive been playing a few multigames now that fs2net is back. working on a hi poly vulture, and creating model dumps of old stuff. when the ftp comes back up i hope to put up the current nukemod, and a model / effects dump which has been sitting on my desktop for a week.

giving thought to making nukemod multiplayer ready. il probibly create a nukemulti folder, and using a mod.ini, il add new tables to override the singleplayer tables in the nukemod folder with more balenced ones. also a majority of the retail ships will be removed keeping maybey a support ship and a freighter or 2 for gameplay.

gatling fire rates will need to come down as well to reduce lag, probibly to about the same as a mekhu/maxim/morning star. main tradeoff being size/strenght for rage and rate. so big guns will fire slow and hit hard, smull guns fire fast and hit weak, but equil in terms of damage/second. ships will also be balenced aa little better. overall i want to raise the bar for weapon performance, fast kills for them all. ships will also be made faster with higher damp factors. i wish to boost the pace of multiplayer for faster gamplay.

this brings us to performace, part of this is reducing the texture footprint. most of this is to be done by not using retail or media vp gfx. save just enough for gameplay. also im gonna include lower res textures for anything over 1024^2 and do away with alpha channels. il use fewer effects as well. my goal is to make sure all ships and ibx files fin nicely into a 64 meg video card. this is of course an idea im toying around with. the low res textures will also be in the nukemulti folder, which i can include a batch file to move them too the nukemod folder should anyone have problems running the mod on a suckey system.

for missions, i think il do 1 dogfight 1 or 2 tvts, and 1 or 2 coop. for dogfight il have a dante match. players should have fun chasing eachothers through its tunnels. for tvt il do a pirate vs gtva mission, 2 rumrunners vs a ragnarok. perhps also have a mission involving piracy, where you have to jack another team's cargo, while defending your own. coop missions may include dante attack (bearbaiting 2), and maybe a gtva raid on a pirate depot.
Title: news
Post by: Nuke on November 06, 2006, 02:36:45 PM
ive been working on new weapon models lately. i added 2 missiles and made a hipoly version of a 3rd. i just finished the 4th and im getting ready to texture it. the hi-poly vulture and the midgard carrier are both in the works.

im modelling primarily in max theese days. the main reason im doing weapon models is to gain experience with max before using it to finish the ships. i like max cause i dont have to bother with pcs at all, i can just save to pof, with little or no tweaking afterwords. this is gonna save me alot of time in the long run.
Title: news
Post by: Nuke on January 25, 2007, 11:46:08 AM
been spending alot of time testing the scripting system. so far i made remote turrets, a mouse flight control system, many a guage for the pirate hud, working flight controls, and more. with the experimental nature of the scripting system, it will me some time before any of theese features become an integrated part of the mod.

some stuff i want to have is blindfire, a complete hud, gatling turrets that dont suck, heavily animated ships, maybe even a stand alone interface and many others.

i encourage anyone whos doing a mod to take a good look at the scripting system. it is very powerfull and rather easy to work with. it is of course a wip so any feedback on the system will hopefully hasten its finalization.
Title: minor progressions
Post by: Nuke on September 23, 2007, 04:10:40 PM
ive finally finalized the wings for the vulture, finally! :D unfortunately the animations wont be as elaborate as i intended. they will still be pretty alabrate. moveable yoke in the cockpit, maybe acouple other hard gauges (perhaps an orientation gimbal or a horizon indicator). tails (aka em thrust deflectors), missile pods, the gatling guns of course.

the main cut was the complicated folding wings, which were gonna be jointed in 3 places to make it small enough to fit into a rumrunner bay, i decided on a simpler solution, single joint the wings and make the rumrunner slightly bigger. the wings fold up 162 degrees for landing, making it a little taller but alot less wide. in adition 2 landing skids which are housed in the joint between the two wing segments. the extreme angle of the wings means that they have to open a minimal of 32 degrees to allow the deployment of the skids. the skids must rotate 20.2 degrees for landing. those will be childed to invisible cubes in the wing so that they my drop a little.

i hope i can set different animations for "docking" as well as "fighterbay landing" because the fighterbay landing requires different wing settings. the 2 landing skids in the wing adds another problem, how the fuck to i put in the nose skid :D. whay its set up the ship looks like it would flip over it it tried to land on those skids. seeing as the weight of my massive gatling guns is far enough forward to counter out the weight of the engines. i might fakely solve the problem having the skids rotate a few degrees on the x axis when they unfold so that the bird will land with a downward slant.

this ship is a lesson in engineering futility. the center of gravity is too high above the center of drag and the center of lift. atmo flight will be hell. i get around this feasability error in 2 ways. clever glowpointing of little lightning bolts eminating from the surface of the deflection fins will be an electromagnetic implementation of thrust vectoring. what better way to manage an unmanageable airframe than with thrust vectoring, look how good it works on the b2 :D it should also add some coolness to the ship. the secont way is that the wings will tilt up a little bit in low altitude flight, either automatically or manually.

all this story tweaking should be enought to get a certain finnish physics nut off my case when it comes how my ship would never fly if it was real :D

il probibly want hard gauges for landing gear, wing angle, and that orientation gimbal in the cockpit, then i can focus on the nosegar problem and finally uv map the wee bastard. anyway im goin to bed, il post pics tomorrow if i feel like it.
Title: news
Post by: Nuke on January 16, 2008, 06:50:54 PM
well i bet you were all expcting to see an htl vulture by now. well its still not even fully uv mapped. normal maps are the main reason. its a new ship and i want perfect normal maps on it. so since i need more expirience with normal maps, i looked through my old ships for something that not only needed more detail, but was also uv mapped in a normal mapping friendly way.

i gave the seker a face lift not to long ago, but it was just a small geometry improvement, the textures were low res and rather crappy, leftovers from my early days of cut and paste texturing. i started making a height map for it but i didnt like that route, so i added more geometric detail, and made a new 2048^2 texture. i had to re-uv map some areas but the main hull area just used the same uv space. this means i can apply the new maps to the old model for lods with few uv tweaks.

i finally finished the diffuse texture and so im posting pics (see offitial screenshots thread). i still have a whole score of other maps to make for this thing, including the normal map. so i got some work to do on it. once ive finished it and a new cockpit to go with it, il work on the vulture.
Title: news
Post by: Axem on January 16, 2008, 11:43:14 PM
Well I bet people would've expected progress on the campaign!

Aaaand there's not.

Just me writing- no rewriting, the story.

I'm also thinking of slightly rebalancing some things so Combat becomes a lot smaller scale compared to FS2.

So release date: January 1st, 2010.
Title: news
Post by: Nuke on January 17, 2008, 12:22:18 AM
that works :D