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Title: Your campaign idea
Post by: shiv on January 23, 2009, 12:13:38 PM
Have idea for FreeSpace 2 campaign?? Post it here!:devel:
That way FREDders can have good source for ideas for their missions. :D
Title: Your campaign idea
Post by: Snail on January 25, 2009, 03:19:07 PM
I'll start us off:


The Polaris Regional Security Corps (PRSC) is an organization funded by the GTVA and given the job to do menial tasks within war-torn Polaris so as to free up military assets. Consisting primarily of civilian volunteers, the PRSC does convoy escort, security analysis at high-traffic areas and other necessary but less important tasks. However, the ghosts of the Neo-Terran Front continue to wreak havoc upon the system. As a civilian volunteer pilot for the PRSC, the player must fight the last remnants of this evil rebellion in an increasingly turbulent world.

Crimson Skies

Set during the events directly following the end of the Neo-Terran rebellion, and set parallel to the Psamtik's operations in the nebula, Crimson Skies follows the GTD Aquitaine's secret mission to recover ETAK data from NTF blockade runners in the Shivan Nebula. The player must brave EMP storms, nebula obscurity and the Shivan menace to accomplish his mission to hunt down the last of the NTF in the nebula.

All Quiet on the Shivan Front

Epsilon Pegasi has fallen. The Repulse and Rear Admiral Koth's battlegroup tear through the core systems as the GTVA try desperately to halt his advance. But what of the Shivans? The GTVA has suspended all operations in the nebula, but the Shivan threat still remains. Follow the story of the GTD Messana as it holds back the Shivan assault forces continuously bleeding into Gamma Draconis from the Knossos. The blockade must hold.
Title: Your campaign idea
Post by: Mobius on January 25, 2009, 03:31:13 PM

As a pilot whose squadron is based on the GTVA Colossus, fight the odds under a different point of view. What if the Colossus had been ordered to enter the nebula to spearhead the capture of the Iceni? What if, in the consequent operations, the Colossus engaged the Sathanas in the nebula?
Title: Your campaign idea
Post by: Snail on January 25, 2009, 04:31:11 PM
Quote from: Mobius;111308

As a pilot whose squadron is based on the GTVA Colossus, fight the odds under a different point of view. What if the Colossus had been ordered to enter the nebula to spearhead the capture of the Iceni? What if, in the consequent operations, the Colossus engaged the Sathanas in the nebula?
Weren't you already working on that?
Title: Your campaign idea
Post by: shiv on January 25, 2009, 04:47:31 PM
"All Quiet on the Shivan Front" seems very intresting. Do you have any plans for missions and mods included?
Title: Your campaign idea
Post by: Snail on January 25, 2009, 10:54:07 PM
"All Quiet on the Shivan Front" sticks mostly to canon, so very few or no mods would be included in it.

Most of the missions would be set around the Knossos as the player has to blockade the Knossos from incoming Shivan ships. The big finale would be a rescue mission into the nebula probably.

That concept wouldn't last any more than 3-4 missions anyway, so it'd be a nice simple concept.
Title: Your campaign idea
Post by: peterv on January 26, 2009, 07:53:17 AM
As a lazy and more than 8145674303 times (approximately)  dead pilot, i'd prefer things to remain quiet on the Shivan Front.
Title: Your campaign idea
Post by: shiv on January 26, 2009, 09:50:36 AM
Hmmm... What about Vega evacuation campaign that is happening right after Capella destruction? A lot of enemies and a small ammount of friendlies protecting escaping convoys?
Title: Your campaign idea
Post by: ShadowGorrath on January 26, 2009, 01:00:30 PM

Out of nowhere, the Shivans appear in most of the GTVA systems and start attacking military and civilian targets. The 3rd GTVA-Shivan War lasts for less than 10 hours before all communications are lost between the GTVA fleets and systems. You are a pilot of the Rapid-Reaction fleet, based in the Delta Serpentis system, composed of 3 advanced destroyers and a surviving civilian fleet. As the fleet gets stopped by Sol's terrans while trying to retreat to the densely populated Sol system, via the new Sol subspace gate, the surviving rapid-reaction fleet starts a lengthy journey to a possible sanctuary in Sol, trying to find the other subspace node leading to it.

Ok, so it's a rip-off of BSG. Originaly it was meant to work as a practice in FREDding for me, so all mods ( post-FS2/pre-FS3 ) are set up and I finished the 1st filler mission. But then started concentrating on ASW, and decided to scrap this.
Title: Your campaign idea
Post by: shiv on January 26, 2009, 01:40:01 PM
Sounds like Apocalypse III project. We might merge those two, Shadow :)
Title: Your campaign idea
Post by: ShadowGorrath on January 26, 2009, 03:09:12 PM
Doubt it. Eclipse wasn't that good. I like the concept though ( as long as the BSG-rip-off part dies ), and so if it's similar to AIII, I'll be a happy Shivan :D
Title: Your campaign idea
Post by: Snail on January 28, 2009, 07:36:35 PM
A bit of horrible literature follows, but the message and concept of it is there:


The Dubhe microcosm - A world wrought with criminal activites and corruption unknown to anyone from the outside world. But the discovery of the mineral-rich Yersinia nebula beyond Dubhe saw rise to an industrial monopoly in the form of STX Exploration. Mining for the important deuterium gases in the nebula are an army of reclusive gas miners as unsavory as the criminal masterminds that surround them. As a war erupts between STX Exploration and the criminal underworld, with the galaxy's population is none the wiser. Dubhe has come to be known as an eternal dystopia.

The GTVA is all but nonexistant here - It is only a small militia consisting of a single carrier-corvette, a cruiser and a few wings of fighters that is keeping order from turning into chaos. But they are far from being the incorruptible servants which they claim to be, for even the GTVA cannot stop itself from dealing with the corrupted figures of piracy and corporate monopoly.

But it was the outbreak of plague on the seven colonies surrounding Dubhe Prime that caused the most intrigue of all. An incurable curse, the disease swept across the system, claiming hundreds on the way. Nobody knew what caused it. Even the so-called cure-all solutions to other diseases did little to stop the spread of the pandemic. The GTVA turned a blind eye. But there are darker forces working in the shadows, forces working to both undermine and to save the people. They are, however, not the blind strength that forms the heart of the GTVA. These forces strive in the unknowable mist of the Yersinia nebula, shunning the light and working in the open only when necessary. These dissidents were the true forces of good in this world.

The story starts when a green pilot joins the GTVA militia in the system. During an illicit exchange operation within the nebula (to "keep them quiet") between the GTVA and a group of criminals calling themselves the Righteous Avengers, the GTVA are trapped by someone calling himself 'Dark'. After bringing them into an intense electromagnetic storm where their sensors wouldn't work, 'Dark' persuades the GTVA to help him and his cause. With no other option, the GTVA agree to his offer.

After several days of lurking in the nebula, the GTVA pilots learn the inner workings of the dark underworld. After meeting with a group of exiled Vasudan outlaws and making a deal with some other pirate groups, the player learns the darkest secret of all: There is no deuterium in the Yersinia nebula. STX Exploration is mining a microscopic virus-like creature that lives within the ionized gas. It is this virus which is causing the pandemic on the seven colonies. STX Exploration was responsible for the plague.

As the pilots emerge from the nebula enlightened, they are awestruck by the arrival of the GTD Hector and the 11th Fleet, arriving to cleanse the system of dissidents. The pilots are faced with a choice - Will they join the pirates and overthrow STX Exploration's evil monopoly, or will they choose the easy option and return to the GTVA once again?

I've been thinking of this one for a while, but never even started on it.

The basic premise is that the GTVA are helping STX Exploration mine some kind of sentient virus thing that is capable of mind control (I originally got this idea while watching an anime... :nervous:) STX Exploration accidentally (or intentionally?) leaks some of the virus onto the habitation areas of Dubhe causing a pandemic.

The GTVA don't really care so don't do much, but some of the pirates and outlaws living in the nebula know what's going on and are trying to stop STX Exploration from infecting the whole galaxy and turning the Terran and Vasudan race into a horde of loyal, mindless zombies - (A fate that may have befell the Shivans...? Interesting thought there...). The GTVA are more or less evil in this campaign.

The campaign starts off with the player flying as a GTVA pilot doing some run-of-the-mill anti-pirate work, but later finds himself dealing with the pirates to keep this particular group quiet. He is then introduced to this guy called 'Dark' and his gang which are a group of guys trying to stop STX Exploration.

The player starts off thinking that 'Dark' and his group are evil but as the campaign progresses he learns the truth and finds 'Dark' is actually trying to save the human and Vasudan races. At the end he has the choice of either staying with the pirates (the 'good' choice) or going back to the GTVA (the 'bad' choice, but the choice some players will think is the right one due to siding with the established government).

As a decidedly non-FS-ish campaign, I was planning to take some stylistic departures from the series. Fighter-pilot characters (wingmates) would be added, some quicktime-like events were planned (I did a bit of messing around with the SEXPs but didn't get anywhere with this. A bit similar to 'He Who Rides the Tiger' from STR was planned). In-game cutscenes (was thinking of doing Mobius-style take off and landings or jumping in cinematics in some missions), third-person semi-interactive stuff, etc. etc.

For mods I was thinking of basing it on Nukemod, since that was un-FreeSpacey anyway and I wanted to establish a more unique atmosphere. I was thinking that you'd never really see a ship larger than a destroyer 'till the end which would reinforce the 'boonies' sorta feel of the campaign.

Inspired mainly by "Dissident Theory", a short demo campaign by fs2gundam that I played recently. It was, similarly, about a trip through a nebula and an evil GTVA. It sparked my imagination and I was thinking of making something similar to it someday which is where this sprang from. The sentient virus thing came from an interesting uber-violent loli anime (GCv would like it methinks). I was also influenced by Nukemod's atmosphere in the test mission of very un-FreeSpacish combat and gameplay.

Since I'd never actually do this I figured I'd post it here.
Title: Your campaign idea
Post by: FreeSpaceF on January 28, 2009, 07:51:23 PM
Heh, there really are nice ideas on here.
Title: Your campaign idea
Post by: peterv on January 29, 2009, 12:45:48 AM
Snail this is good :yes:
Title: Your campaign idea
Post by: starlord on March 07, 2009, 09:10:34 AM
Sorry to post a bit late, but once again, I'd like to put the "what happened to bosch" idea on the table: I'd mostly like to mention aborted projects like technological superiority and better still, distorted realities (a project by the sizzler) with promising scripts about bosch's fate. perhaps those could be scavenged to be used in another campaign...:)
Title: Your campaign idea
Post by: Rodo on March 18, 2009, 11:18:39 PM
Capella has gone nova, systems are being cleansed from enemy shivan and revel presence.
You are the commander of an elite squadron which, after every boring escort mission, jumps away of their official sorties to hunt down and kill unmersifully the remnants of the shivan armada trapped on this side of Capella node.
Every member of the killer wing agrees that this is the right thing to do, and they even enjoy skipping their duties just to get a chance of killing a couple more of shivans and maybe some lost revels too.
They will charge against the enemy even heavily outnumbered and with strenght and brains all missions should turn right, shivans only try to run so this makes the work easier, but then suddenly in one last sortie the beast feels cornered and as a result your wingmates die and then you find yourself returning from a normal escort mission without wingmates and a lot of things to explain... not much else to say really, you will suffer the punishment of GTVA laws for doing ilegal missions.

something I was planning on doing but I find the lack of my free time somewhat discouraging now.
Title: Your campaign idea
Post by: peterv on March 19, 2009, 01:27:42 AM
It's good but not completed: Define the "punishment of GTVA laws for doing ilegal missions".
Title: Your campaign idea
Post by: Rodo on March 19, 2009, 03:24:56 AM
the story ends with you being transfered to a prison , because of your responsability as a wing commander and the losses of all your wingmates you get let's say...20 years??, not really that familiar with GTVA laws.. or any laws for the record.

ohh and forgot the name of the campaign:

Title: Your campaign idea
Post by: peterv on March 21, 2009, 09:52:55 PM
I'd prefer for my talent to be recognized and to be forced to do only ilegal missions for the SOC, but it's still good.
Title: Your campaign idea
Post by: Thulius on August 24, 2009, 07:56:34 PM
Son of blood

After the GTVA defeatet the NTF, Bosch fled with his last man into the Nebula. Planned to be a 10 mission long campaign, you got to save the NTF Iceni and the NTT Alexandria as well. See how the last days of the NTF were, and get rescued by your enemy...
At first, you get the order to secure the NTT Alexandria. Then you've to choose: You get the official order to Jump to the NTF Iceni. But then, the NTT Alexandria would be helpless. What do you do? If you jummp to the Iceni, you'll get the Debrief. that you have done your job very well. If you stay with the NTT Alexandria, a fight, with a bloody end would come. By staying with the Iceni  - and Bosch, you stay loyal to the NTF and get rescued, after a brutal battle with the Shivans. You are going to be one of the persons who'll be never seen, because the GTVA need to have informations - from you!

[COLOR="DarkOrange]A good concept as I think. I don't know if I'm going to work on this, but maybe you'll get to make your on idea of this. please contact me, if you want to do exactly the same.:)[/COLOR]
Title: Your campaign idea
Post by: shiv on August 24, 2009, 08:14:08 PM
What are you going exactly to put in this campaign? Because this description doesn't tell anything that sounds really good... :(
Title: Your campaign idea
Post by: Novachen on August 24, 2009, 08:34:24 PM
Rise of the Rebels

The year is 2366, 31 years after the destruction of the lucifer. You're a loyal pilot of the 6th GTVA Fleet under command of Admiral Aken Bosch in the Polaris system. After a surprise attack on the Polaris orbital defence force, the polaris shipyard and the polaris capital Admiral Aken Bosch and his 6th fleet declares it's independence from GTVA and found the Neo-Terran Front. In the next few days were you fly attacks on GTVA targets the gouvernments of the sirius and regulus systems defect to the newly created alliance and you have to fight the GTVA forces in three systems for a goal named Neo-Terra.  It is the begin of the NTF Rebellion.

This was only an idea for a fan-fiction within the FreeSpace2 universe a few months back. This story follow the first months of the NTF Rebellion until the completion of the NTF Iceni, one year before FreeSpace2. I never begin to write it, because i have no longer enough time for that. Of course this story was written about the, still unnamed, pilot. And i planned that he (or the player *g*) flies a bombing run at the polaris capital city to hit the gouvernment on the planet. I think a bombing mission on a planet would be very interesting and a unique FreeSpace2 experience, but i think it's hard to realize, because their are no building mods and planetary grounds for FreeSpace2 available :(
Title: Your campaign idea
Post by: Thulius on August 24, 2009, 08:45:15 PM
Uuups, sorry. Fixed.:)
Title: Your campaign idea
Post by: MatthewPapa on August 24, 2009, 09:43:19 PM
wow, what a cool thread. this thread may also go hand in hand with some fan fiction as well
Title: Your campaign idea
Post by: Mobius on August 25, 2009, 12:08:06 AM
INF has some fan fiction. Do you think it may be appropriate to post it here?
Title: Your campaign idea
Post by: ngtm1r on August 25, 2009, 12:51:15 AM
's a dual campaign.

Second Impression: Laramis System Defense Force
This is the way the world doesn't end, and why the Laramis SDF made it so.

What's it about? Well it's about what the GTVA does in response to another Shivan invasion, and it's dedicated to portraying them as a competent, capable force. A lot of background is presented via Command Briefs (in lieu of a working Fiction Viewer). The campaign is/was going to be built around a Vasudan scout-bomber squadron flying the Bakha. It was going to be a mostly defensively themed, in keeping with the Laramis SDF's overall role in the GTVA's plans, but as you were flying a bomber for most of the campaign, it wasn't going to be boringly defensive; engaging Shivan warships in defense of installations and logistics craft and covering GTVA fleet units entering the system or that had commited their fightercraft to offensive action would/will comprise most missions. It overlaps partially in time with the other campaign it was to paired with.

Second Impression: 6th Fleet
Wars are not won by defensive action.

With a similar overall purpose to the Laramis SDF part, 6th Fleet would arrive on the scene about three days after the other campaign began. Unlike the Laramis SDF campaign, 6th Fleet's would/will be entirely offensively themed. As the first command brief puts it "on arrival in Laramis we will conduct maximum-effort flight operations until Command says otherwise or the Aquitaine is shot from under us." It would have, however, gone into different details of the GTVA's response to the invasion, and done some things I'm not going to discuss because I still have hopes of releasing. :P
Title: Your campaign idea
Post by: Black Wolf on August 25, 2009, 03:24:22 AM
[colour=burlywood]I should try to find the script I did up for the abortive HLP Community campaign. It basically involved finding a colony of Humans who had been lost during the TV War since the GTA didn't realize how to tell stable from unstable nodes. They had been the major non-Sol shipbuilding facility, and their loss kicked the Terrans out of a winning phase and into a losing phase (one of the events that helped prolongue the TV War so much. The gist was that these guys had fought a war with someone (not the Shivans) and had turned to cloning and genetic engineering to survive. When they eventually made contact with the GTVA again, the GTVA in general (and particularly the Vasudans) kicked up a major stink about the cloning that eventually led to war.

I also have another semi-cool idea about the repercussions of the GTVA encountering an aggressive but technologically inferior race, the El-Nathi, and trying to keep the from gaining too much GTVA technology, while at the same time also trying to trade with them, get them on-side and maybe one day bring them into the alliance, should the Shivans ever return. I've made, oh, probably a dozen ships over the years, all of which end up scrapped as the ideas about the species change, or my modding ability changes, or the engines capabilities change.

One day :)[/colour]
Title: Your campaign idea
Post by: starlord on August 31, 2009, 02:58:33 PM
I don't have a proper script idea, yet I would love to see a campaign presenting a hypophesis/encounter with bosch and what happened to him (why/where was he taken, etc...)
Title: Your campaign idea
Post by: D.plosy on October 23, 2009, 11:28:21 PM
Hes running for MoI and youre nearly MoT. That means that youre not running against each other.

Also, your campaign, Eclipse, while its a little short, outlines the basics of what the MoI should do. Its ok.
Title: Your campaign idea
Post by: Snail on December 27, 2009, 03:10:21 AM
Bump. :D

This was a campaign I was working on aaaaaaaages ago (around 2003) that I thought I'd post here just to get the ball rolling on this thread again. Because this thread is awesome.

Return of Conquest

The GTVA finds a giant Ancient installation in the very far orbit of Altair. At first it seems, like most Ancient technology, to be a derelict. However when they get nearer and begin exploring it, it begins to come to life. A subspace anomaly erupts in its belly, and suddenly a dozen Knossos portals warp in nearby. The GTVA quickly deploy combat assets in response to this strange behavior, anticipating possible Shivan activity.

Instead of Shivans, ANCIENTS COME OUT AND START KILLING EVERYTHING. Turns out the Ancient installation was actually a time-stasis-machine thing that kept a group of Ancient warships in an alternate dimension where time stays still until it was activated, at which point the Ancients can emerge and begin building their empire again.

Then the Shivans show up again. Really the plot didn't extend further than that since I was making it up as I went along.


I used the Pyrgos for the Ancient installation and a load of Ancient ships from INFR1, plus a lot of crappy mods.
Title: Your campaign idea
Post by: dragonsniper on December 27, 2009, 11:26:58 PM
Hmm... Not bad if I may say so. Better than any ideas I've had. ;) Up to/a bit after FS2, had the GTA explored the Altair system? I'll post one or more of my idea's I had, if I can remember or find my papers that had them.
Title: Your campaign idea
Post by: Snail on December 28, 2009, 08:20:44 AM
Even during FS1 Altair was known, but not fully charted. It was apparently under Hammer of Light control at the time. I assumed that after the Ancient data recorder was found at the end of FS1, more research teams would be sent to the area in peacetime.
Title: Your campaign idea
Post by: dragonsniper on December 28, 2009, 04:07:43 PM
True, true.
Title: Your campaign idea
Post by: Snail on December 28, 2009, 04:30:18 PM
Another campaign idea I had but never did.

Fall of the North Star

Set immediately after the Epsilon Pegasi campaign, at the time while the player was doing his undercover loop and flying in the nebula with the Barracudas, but before the NTF's final charge.

The player is part of the NTF vanguard fleet based in Polaris, assigned to the NTD Vasa, which is based in Polaris, the capital of the NTF. With the Epsilon Pegasi system secured by the GTVA, Polaris is now open to allied attacks. The NTD Vasa has been assigned (along with the player) to defend the capital of the NTF.

The first mission would be a blockade mission of the Epsilon Pegasi node, while GTVA expeditionary forces enter the system which the player must bomb. Defending the node on the NTF side are the NTD Andronicus, NTC Camisard, NTC Gaouzu and NTC Fronde. After a very long battle, the Colossus enters the system and destroys the NTC Camisard, and then the NTD Andronicus. The player retreats deeper into the system.

The second mission would be a defense-and-evac mission of a military installation housing research stuff for the Knossos portal and related to ETAK. After a pretty long and gruelling battle, the Colossus enters the area and blows the installation up, but (depending on whether the player protected enough Evac Transports), the research data is recovered.

The third mission would be trying to attack the GTVA Colossus, which has been spitting out lots of fighters to attack system-wide targets in Polaris and generally giving the NTF a hard time. The attack group is very large (all active NTF destroyers deployed available assets) and attacks from all directions, not really in an attempt to destroy the Colossus but rather just to occupy it and stop it from doing any further damage. The player must attack the Colossus' escort, which consists of several cruisers and corvettes. When enough damage has been inflicted, the escorts withdraw and leave the Colossus on its own (the GTVA believe it can defend itself). The player attacks the Colossus, and to his dismay his weapons do no significant damage whatsoever. Eventually, the GVD Psamtik, GVD Memphis, GVD Toeris and GVD Hedetet jump in (ho boy thats a lot). The GTVA announces that Sirius has fallen and that the Vasudan 11th and 13th battlegroups have breached the NTF's perimeter.

All remaining NTF forces are to withdraw to Regulus, but the Regulus-Polaris node is surrounded by a dense asteroid field. The NTD Vasa, NTD Uhuru and some other NTF warships are retreating through the asteroid field, the player must kill rocks and the relentless waves of Vasudan bombers attacking the retreating group. After the large portion of the group has jumped out, the player must sacrifice his life in a hopeless battle against the GTVA (since he does not have intersystem warp drives).
Title: Your campaign idea
Post by: susannary on July 03, 2013, 05:34:09 AM
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