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Title: texture help and a hello
Post by: skygunner58203 on January 05, 2008, 11:20:50 PM
Hi all, as i am new around here, might as well introduce myself before i ask questions.  I be Skygunner.  I live in the boonies of North Dakota USA.  And i love the freespace games.  Any other details you'll have to ask for.  now on with the questions.  This is also posted on hard-light.  I need all the help i can get.

Well, my ship is in game(retail), thanks to getter robo from the hard-light forums for the help.  But now i have another problem...I can't figure out what he did to texture my ship.  Actually i take that back.  I know what he did, and how he did it.  but for some ungodly reason, I CAN'T DUPLICATE IT.  My first in game creation is a VERY blocky version of a mark 2 viper from battlestar galactica.  I modeled it in about 20 minutes (I am a slow worker).  Now i have tried to UV map and texture this ship in tons of different ways including following the simple texture thread on the modding boards, volition watch's own tutorials, as well as various other tutorials scattered here and there.  But as much as i try, i am unable to do it.

I humbly request the assistance of a texturer to texture my model in a classic bsg paint job.  I can handle everything else.  I just need help texturing this thing.  Let me know if you can help and i'll either upload or send you the file(s).  thanks again.
Title: texture help and a hello
Post by: skygunner58203 on January 17, 2008, 03:32:24 PM
Well, i've let this sit a while...a bit over a week really.  68 views.  not one reply.  Yes i understand that most are working on there own mods and have no time.  Heck, just trying to figure this problem out is driving me up the wall.  All i asked was a reply if someone would be interested... not, DO THIS NOW!  I am very patient...usually, ADHD is a drag........

Well, the request goes out again.  I'll post a screenshot of the model later today or tomorrow.
Title: texture help and a hello
Post by: karajorma on January 17, 2008, 04:01:20 PM
Trying to get a texturer has always been hard in this community. If you want to learn how to do it yourself that's another matter.
Title: i am back again.....
Post by: skygunner58203 on April 05, 2008, 02:31:15 PM
Well, since i know texturers are hard to come by...Karajorma suggested i learn how to do it myself.  My plea for help on texturing iz still there, however, if someone could take the time to help teach me to uv map and texture that would also be appreciated.

The model in question has changed as well.  Last night i broke out the SNES and starfox.  After playing for who knows how long, i realized that i wanted something like an arwing but different....then i saw another commercial for battlestar galactica.  It hit me.  I wan going to attempt to breed a viper and an arwing.  While it isn't the best model in the world, it looks like it is supposed to.  I have officialy crossbreeded a mark ii and an old school arwing.  It has been uploaded in a rar file and is in cob format.  Should anyone wish to take a look, modify it, whatever...its there.

Again, thanks for the help.
Title: texture help and a hello
Post by: Water on April 06, 2008, 01:37:35 PM
Edited model to single mesh + with a simple unwrap.
Search for Texturing tutorials. You will need to figure out where all the uv pieces go. Colour them in to find where they match the model. (;9959951;/fileinfo.html (;9959951;/fileinfo.html)
Title: texture help and a hello
Post by: skygunner58203 on April 06, 2008, 03:23:01 PM
Water, you are a life saver.  As soon as this is done i'll post the pof for download.  Back in a bit   :biggrin1:

Edit:  Upon checking the file, i noticed that it now looks like a viper with a big freaking butt.  However, i think i'll keep it.  I'll try posting a different model and maybe the completed original later
Title: New Ship model
Post by: skygunner58203 on July 05, 2008, 02:54:16 AM
Well, i'm back again.  Still haven't been able to figure out how to texture...I mean, I know how to edit a texture thats already there.  But the uv mapping and texturing is beyond my league...even WITH tutorials i've found.  Anyway here is a screenie and a download of a new ship model.  I had a bit of a problem with a hard drive crash, so this is my new project.  Needs shields and texture map.    Cheers.