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Title: FS2 Modder's Talent List/Directory
Post by: Star Dragon on January 27, 2005, 10:33:56 PM
This is an idea I had that was shot down at HLP long ago. This LIST is for everyone who MODS FS2 in some way shape or form to list what their talents are as well as their availability. No spam is allowed and only 1 post per person should be here. I will start it off as an example, if you have a question PM me.
 Star Dragon /Getter Robo G
 Basic Fredding
 Post-mapped texturing/replacing
 Voice Acting
 Projects Completed (C)/In Progress (P): Robotech Mod II (P), Star Fleet Academy (P), Journey to Iscandar (P).
 Current Availability:  Voice Acting ONLY.
 Contact by: PM on Game Waren or Yahoo messenger/email (
Now others may have things (hopefully) like 3d Modling, UV Texture mapping, Turreting, Pathing, Sound Effects, ect... If your availability or other info changes just go back and re-edit your post. It is expected that those looking for help with mods can come here and read this directory of FS2 talent and find those with the skills needed and contact ONLY those that are avaialble. I hope this is well recieved by the GW Community and is used as intended...
Title: FS2 Modder's Talent List/Directory
Post by: karajorma on January 27, 2005, 11:03:31 PM

Expert FREDder
Expert playtester
Good Pof conversion skills (I generally know what I'm doing but I've not had much practice)
Moderate modelling skills
Basic knowledge of just about every other FS2 modding field. :D

Current Availability : You must be joking! I'm snowed under as it is. :)

Major Projects : MindGames, Seeds of Rebelion, The Mercury Affair

Contact By : PM on HLP, SG or GW.
Title: FS2 Modder's Talent List/Directory
Post by: Taristin on January 27, 2005, 11:20:53 PM

Can do everything but FRED, Code and anything with sounds. Meaning:

Availability: Not likely. :p

Major Projects: Angels of the Damned, Terran-Vasudan War Project. FreeSpace Upgrade Project, Machina Terra, Origins.

Contact me: Via PM on HLP
Title: FS2 Modder's Talent List/Directory
Post by: Axem on January 27, 2005, 11:29:35 PM

Basic Effect Artist
Basic Modeller

Projects Completed: Uh. Completed? Yeah right. Maybe JAD if you think small.

In Progress:
StarFox: Shadows of Lylat (Too much stuff)
Origins (Character Writer)
Children of Shiva (FREDder, Writer, other stuff too)

Current Availability: Small stuff only right now.

Contact: E-Mail, PM @ HLP or here, MSN, ICQ
Title: FS2 Modder's Talent List/Directory
Post by: Hammer on January 27, 2005, 11:49:08 PM


Projects completed:**crickets** ummm Recip.....damn

In Progress: FRED: 158th, TVWP, Mercenaries Testing:BWO

Availabiliity: If your tall, blonde, and beautiful(and a girl), I may make some time...

Contact: AIM, ICQ, PM, or email
Title: FS2 Modder's Talent List/Directory
Post by: FusionStorm on January 28, 2005, 01:09:26 AM

Basic Fredding(out of practice)

Projects completed: none

In Progress: Battlestar Galactica: Reimagined

Availabiliity: Hmmm, whats your offer?

Contact: Aim, Hotmail, PM on SG, GW or HLP, Yahoo, don't matter.
Title: FS2 Modder's Talent List/Directory
Post by: Black Wolf on January 28, 2005, 10:51:07 AM
Black Wolf

Semi Passable modelling
UV Mapping
Basic Poffing/Lodding
Basic Rendering/animating
Pretty close to expert level FREDding/playtesting

Projects completed: None I'm proud of/released/properly finished

Projects in Progress: Twisted Infinities (Campaign) Star Wars TC, and contributing in small ways to LM, SGTC and a few others. Also working on a new species modpack (El Nathi).

Availability: Varies. If you've got an interesting proposal, I might be able to help, but generally pretty busy.
Title: FS2 Modder's Talent List/Directory
Post by: Gloriano on January 28, 2005, 12:11:21 PM
Expert playtester
Basic fredding, some FSO-Fredding (Because that i can check missions)
In Progress: (testing) BWO,MT Origins and Mercenaries
Availabiliity: Not in this life
Title: FS2 Modder's Talent List/Directory
Post by: Goober5000 on January 31, 2005, 11:18:12 PM

Expert Coder
Expert FREDder
Expert POF Editor (but I can't stand PCS, so you won't usually find me doing that ;))
Expert Playtester (though I tend to heavily nitpick)
Expert spell-checker and grammar-checker
Expert table editor
Occasional storylining.  I'm not entirely sure whether it's good or not, but people seem to like the TVWP chapter 1 plot, so (
Moderate skill in Photoshop; check out my Orion nameplate tutorial (
Can't model, texture, convert, render, or do anything else of that nature. :p

Current Projects: SCP, TVWP, FSPort, FOW, HLP (administrating), Mercs (story and code advisor), and a bit part in SA.  And that's just for Freespace... :shaking:

Completed Projects: Deus Ex Machina, Freespacelancer

Availability: (

Contact: PM on HLP
Title: FS2 Modder's Talent List/Directory
Post by: ShadowWolf_IH on February 01, 2005, 02:37:49 AM
[edit] i mean ShadowWolf_IH [/edit]

Adequate FREDder
Adequate POF Editor
Expert spell-checker and grammar-checker (i use Office)
Adequate table editor
Occasional storylining.
A few Basic effects
Voice acting

Current Projects: Machina Terra (fredding) (pof) (voice), Origins (lead) (fred) (voice) (whatever else), Mercs (lead) (fred) (voice) (whatever else),  158th (voice), BWO (did fred some, planning on voice) TBP (planning on voice), also planning (voice on whatever Goober tells me to do voices for)

Completed Projects: Casualties of War

Availability: ummmm, what's that?  maybe for something small.  But nothing that i would have to devote more than a week to.

Contact: PM on HLP or GW, AOL IM, MSN IM, Yahoo IM, ICQ.
Title: FS2 Modder's Talent List/Directory
Post by: Moonsword on February 08, 2005, 09:26:08 PM

FREDer, a little bit of knowledge of POFing, some interface work (nothing fancy), voice acting.

I'm working for TI, WCS, and 158th (FRED for all, some voice acting for the last two).
Title: FS2 Modder's Talent List/Directory
Post by: Ransom Arceihn on February 08, 2005, 11:18:43 PM
Ransom Arceihn

Adequate FREDder
Voice acting
Some storylining

Projects completed: Sync

Current projects: Transcend, Hidden Terror (FREDing), Chaos Gate (FREDing, voice), Pathways (FREDing).

Availability: Voice, yes. FRED, maybe, depends on the project.

Contact: Email, MSN, or PM. ICQ and AIM also though I only use those occasionally.
Title: FS2 Modder's Talent List/Directory
Post by: Primus on February 08, 2005, 11:42:43 PM

Basic FREDder (learning)
Very simple CB ani builder (for DT)

Projects Completed: None
In Progress: FRED Academy, Divided Terrans
Current Availability: With a bribe, I might be interested
Contact: PM @ HLP or GW, EMail
Title: FS2 Modder's Talent List/Directory
Post by: Turambar on February 09, 2005, 01:13:36 PM
Texturer, maps and effects
Current Projects: BSG:Reimagined, Glowpointing-mapping project, ShineLT if i have time
completed projects: New thruster effects (well, i do them every time i have to reformat my HD),  Burner trails,  New nebula poofs (not meant to be revolutionary, just get rid of the little color artifacts that were pissing me off, that and one of the poofs had a visible edge).

Availability: Grounded
Title: FS2 Modder's Talent List/Directory
Post by: DaBrain on February 09, 2005, 03:58:23 PM

Expert Effect Artist
Expert Animation Artist (CB + animated effects)
Advanced Texture Artist (I hope I can refer to me as 'expert' soon)
Advanced Skybox Creator
Advanced Render Artist
Advanced Interface Artist
Medicore Modeller (yeah, I've gotten better again ;) )
Medicore Unwrapper
Advanced Playtester
Above-basic POF Converter (+glowpoints +subsystems)
Above-basic Concept Art Creator
Basic Table Editor
Basic FREDer

Current Projects:

Starfox: Shadows of Lylat (lead)
Mind Games (texturing + some effects)
Inferno (effects + texture impoving + playtesting)  
The Babylon Project (effects + perhaps some maps)
Wing Commander Saga (textures, effects, stuffs ;) )
The Source Code Project (Stuffs)
Battlestar Galactica: Beyond the Red Line (effects, models, textures)
High-Res FS2 Textures (currently taking a break)
new FS2 effects (currently taking a break)
some small things for other mods (slightly active)
Mod starter pack Release 1 (done)
Mod starter pack Release 2 (In progress)

Availability: ... no chance...²

Edit: Update
Title: FS2 Modder's Talent List/Directory
Post by: Singh on February 10, 2005, 06:35:05 AM

Reasonable FREDder
Moderate .tbler
Small amount of Mission layout/design
Sucky cheating DoGA Modeller
Some minor work in Ship descriptions/Species.tbl
Some FRAPS capabilities
Freespace comics :D

Completed projects:
Race 1 and 2 videos,
Desperation Chapter 1

Dead projects:
No Turning Back
Freespace: Equinox Sector

Current Projects:
Mindgames (Fredder)
Freespace Upgrade (Fredder)
Mercenaries (Fredder, Mission designer/helper)
Desperation Chapter 2 (pretty much everything here)
Freespace Conflict Zone (Fredder)
*name classified level Omega* for *classified my boy, classified!* (Fredder)

Availability: Divide zero by any number and you'll be able to see my availability :)
Title: FS2 Modder's Talent List/Directory
Post by: Cobra on February 20, 2005, 12:55:29 AM

Medium FREDer
Expert .tbl editor
Between sucky and medium modelling (depends on what I do ;))
Expert Modelview32 user (I only use PCS and/or Aurora for thrusters)

Completed Projects: None

Working on: Pathways, (Project Leader, Tester, FREDer, Voice)
GTI: Rebellion (FREDer, Tester)
FRED Academy

Availability: If you need a logo made for your campaign, i'm available. logos ONLY.
Title: FS2 Modder's Talent List/Directory
Post by: aldo_14 on March 09, 2005, 03:47:01 PM

Experienced modeller / texturer / converter / pof editer
Beginner animator
Storyline experience

Current projects: Lost Souls (lead, modeller, animator), Unnamed T-V project (modeller, storyliner, possible lead)

Cancelled Projects: Reciprocity, The Ghost and the Darkness

Completed Projects: Casualties of War

Availability; Astonishingly busy.  Will work for money :D :p

Contact; PM on HLP
Title: FS2 Modder's Talent List/Directory
Post by: pyro-manic on March 12, 2005, 03:13:43 AM
Slow and painful modelling
Writing - tech bumf, storylines, dialogue
general fiddling

Projects: TVWP, Into the Night (158th Banshees), Scroll of Atankharzim, as-yet unnamed project.

Availability: Er, no. :biggrin1: The above projects, my training and college stuff mean I have no time.
Title: FS2 Modder's Talent List/Directory
Post by: Kietotheworld on March 14, 2005, 05:33:34 PM
Skills:  FREDder, Reskinner using already made textures, Fairly good Ships.tbl editor, adequate Weapons.tbl editor, I'll have a go at anything

Projects:  The Truth Revealed (http://http:\\  Maybe Inferno when they start asking for FREDders

Availability: None bar Inferno.

Contact: on MSN Messenger, for e-mail.
Title: FS2 Modder's Talent List/Directory
Post by: Nuke on April 09, 2005, 06:51:49 AM

expert modeler (max7,truespace6)
master skinner (photoshop, illustrator)
novice sound editor (sound forge)
novice 2d animator
master pof & table editor
scp feature tester
pofessional slacker

non freespace experience
freespace 1 modding
descent 2 modeler,texturer,level editor
quake 1,2 mapping (level editing)
quake c programming
freelancer ship imoprt (apis)

current projects: nukemod
availability: none
forums used: hlp, game warden

 email (in decneding order of use):

  aol: napalm enima
  msn: nukebomb_overkill
  yahoo: the_venom_of_hatred_for_man
  icq: 47348502
Title: FS2 Modder's Talent List/Directory
Post by: TopAce on May 20, 2005, 10:16:33 AM

Professional FREDer
Thorough tester
Experienced table editor
Poor modelling
Poor texture making

Testing single missions which:


Renegade Ressurgence - Complete!
The Journey to Epsilon Pegasi - Complete!
Into the Halls of Valhalla: Police Action - Complete! (Caretaker)
Into the Halls of Valhalla - Near completion

Working also on:
Also worked on:
Star Wars Conversion (dead)

Contact me via:
ICQ: 235325080
Yahoo messanger: ahartai
Private Message via Hard Light Productions
Title: FS2 Modder's Talent List/Directory
Post by: Qwer on February 22, 2006, 07:32:51 AM

Expert FREDing
Advanced playtester

Projects: Phoenix project in progress

Current Availability: none

Contact by: PM on Game Warden or HLP
Title: Freespace 2 download
Post by: dimerethiel on October 02, 2006, 07:51:50 PM
Ive found this download site for old Freespace2 game:
Freespace 2 download (
Title: FS2 Modder's Talent List/Directory
Post by: Star Dragon on October 02, 2006, 09:07:49 PM
Just realised I can't edit this section, Local Moderator please delete or move last post.

The above posted link is dead and in wrong forum, thank you..

Reminder - this is the Talent thread, reread first posting on usage. :D
Title: FS2 Modder's Talent List/Directory
Post by: FusionStorm on October 11, 2006, 02:34:17 AM
Title: FS2 Modder's Talent List/Directory
Post by: takashi on January 05, 2007, 11:38:03 PM
well, as for me...

can moddel a ship withing an hour
has a large amount of programs to choose from
previous experience in dark basic and 3d studio
owns a few very expensive programs that not only made me broke, but allow me to create some fancy effects in textures
will mod for no reason in particular

(a moddel mercernary, so to speak XD)
Title: FS2 Modder's Talent List/Directory
Post by: shiv on January 27, 2007, 06:06:14 PM
FREDding - Experianced FREDer. Two campaings relased (polish :() and some sigle missions.
Modding - Good in tables and creaing effects.

Actual Projects Member: TVWP, Earth Defence(leading), Phoenix

Contact:, MSN: and PM on HLP or here.
Title: FS2 Modder's Talent List/Directory
Post by: zaralansss on October 18, 2011, 10:32:39 AM
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